Monday, October 6, 2008

Vernal here we come...

I never thought I would be saying this...but we're moving to Vernal! Life has been a little up in the air and stressful for the past 3 months; but finally we have a plan!!!

Kevin has been working for the past week out there which has left me being a single mom...we've had some tough moments. But thankfully we have found a place and begin moving on Wednesday. We decided to rent for a year just to make sure we like the area. Its a nice, new townhouse and the best part is that we're only 2 miles from my brother Timmy and his family!

I honestly have been an emotional wreck this past week as we've been trying to figure everything out. Its such a small town with so many people wanting to live there (that work in the oil fields) that we've really had a hard time finding a place within budget. We are paying way more than we planned for rent but its the only way we can see Kevin every night. Its been so nice being around Kev's family and the awesome school that Kollin is in, however the hardest part for me lately is that I'm not going to be living near my sister Stacey (sniff, sniff)! I know she would say I'm being dramatic, but I have really loved having her to hang out with and do girlie things!

So a few days last week I took the kids out to Vernal in hopes of finding a home. It was lots of fun spending time with Timmy's family. Two of their kids are the same age as ours so needless to say the kids had a blast! It was a new world for us though...Tim taught us that its okay for my kids to pee outside (ahhh, not something we're used to!!!) and Wal-mart being the hot shopping spot. We went to a corn maze (had to drive about an hour to get there) and had a great time with all the cousins.

The Gang...(keep in mind that this picture was taken after all the kids walked thru the maze. They were cold, tired and not in the mood to say cheese)

Fun little rolly slide.

Kollin is usually so held back with animals, bu he did so good feeding the goats.

Sweet little koop...he did so good thru the entire maze!!

I know, I know, once again I couldn't resist taking a picture during the drive out to Vernal. Beautiful!!!

I know that it will be a good move for us as we'll be able to experience new things. I'm greatful and excited for the position this will put us in to one day be able to settle down and live somewhere for more than a year!! Here we go on yet another Ashcraft Adventure....

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Katrina said...

WOW, Vernal huh?? I actually don't even know where in Utah that is?? It's always exciting but scary to move to a new place. You would do great anywhere that you move too...that's so fun that you'll be by Timmy! I can't wait to find out all about it! Good luck with everything.