Monday, October 27, 2008

Pumpkin Carving...

This weekend Kevin had off so we figured it would be a good time to do some fun Halloween stuff. I cannot believe that its in 4 days! The kids are counting the days..they've been dying to wear their costumes! So, we carved some pumpkins yesterday and it always turns out pretty fun with the kids being so young and loving the gooyness (sp?) of the pumpkin mush! The past two years Kevin and I have ended up carving them because Kolllins hands start to hurt and Kooper...well, we just don't give koop any weaponry!!!

Kooper especially loved having this gunk between his fingers. He was so funny as he wouldnt pull anymore out of the pumpkin until all the strings were off his fingers. he already has his daddy's OCD-ness!!!

Good example of why we don't let Kooper carve....(the big pumpkin is blocking the baby pumpkin he's about to destroy!!)

GET IT OFF!!! It looks like she's laughing but she was so mad at me because I was taking pictures instead of cleaning her hands...after this she reverted to a spoon!!

Kevin threw some gunk in front of Khloe and of course it all went to her mouth!!! YUCK!!! But I love the pucker she makes with her lips when she's unsure of something...

Squeezing the pumpkin mush and LOVIN it!

Cindy found these great Disney patterns and they were so much fun to do!! My camera didn't like taking pictures outside so unfortunately this is the best shot we got! Kaylee - Cinderellas Castle, Kooper - Mickey Mouse, and Kollin - GoofyStein.
So proud of their carved pumpkins...(good job Kev!!).
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Debra said...

Cute Pattern
Looks like everyone is enjoying the messy time!