Sunday, September 7, 2008

My Little Girl...

Khloe has been growing quicker than my emotions can handle!!! This past week she started crawling. It only took her two days to mastered this movement! You could see it on her face as soon as she knew she could move on her own...and of course now she joins the other three and gets into everything!!

This is Khloe on her way to one of her 2 favorite toys...the pack of wipes.


Her other accomplishment...climbing! She has figured out how to get onto things too. I actually had to look for her to find out where she was...all I heard was giggling. When I found her she had climbed to reach her 2nd favorite toy...RED BALLS!!

It rolled off but she wasnt giving up...

Its a learning process of how to get down:)

Once again - Success!!

Way to go Khlo!! We're so proud!!post signature

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Debra said...

She is so cute! Wish I could hold her and hug all the kids.... hope to see you some time in the spring.
Give all my love!!!!