Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Ashcraft Happenings...

Crazy to think...but today Khloe is 9 months old!!! She is just growing too quick. Within the last week she has mastered crawling, putting EVERYTHING in her mouth and even figured out how to pull herself up onto things. We are super proud of her for these new accomplishments but with her being my last baby, it makes me so sad to see her grow. We love her constant smile and this cute chuckle she does as she crawls around.

Whats up with us????

I've gotten a few emails from friends wondering when we'll be leaving for Nevada. Unfortunately right now the only answer I have is "We're not!" I guess it comes with this line of work, but the Carson City job - as well as many others, has been put on hold if not cancelled. The economy isn't the best and therefor building has slowed down dramatically! They have Kevin helping out on a project in West Jordan (which is a crappy drive all the way from Kaysville!). And we're hoping that another project will start soon. Kevin would love to go back and finish school which is another option we've been throwing around...anyhow as frustrating as it is, when we have a plan figured out we'll be sure to let you know:) We are so grateful for Paul and Cindy for letting us crash their home for a little while, but we are really enjoying all the time with family while we can!
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Kristin, Carlos and Claire said...

Khloe is such a sweetie! Sorry you guys aren't going to Carson City and that things are slow with Kev's job and all. Hope things work out soon for you. But we can't wait to see you in October! Love you guys!