Sunday, August 3, 2008

Grand Canyon

We were so excited to spend two days in the Grand Canyon. The most magnificent, indescribable beauty I have ever seen! It was incredible to see the depth and age marks of the Canyon. Terrifying for a mother...but so memorable! We stayed in the Maswik Lodge about .4 mile away from the Canyon. On the way there Kollin asked what The Grand Canyon was completely not interested in looking at a bunch of rocks. But when we explained to him that Heavenly Father made it he got soooo excited and even mentioned what a great job he did:) I love his age, so smart!

The first day we did a small hike down the west side of the canyon. Cant believe we did that with the kids, but I'm sure its something they'll never forget. I was a complete wreck. All the kids stayed on the inside of the trail and didnt let go of the hand they were holding!!! I was extremley nervous about Koop. His 2-year olds facination with jumping off of things made me reluctant to get anywhere near that Canyon. But luckly he was terrified of the it helped a lot!

Khloe and me riding the shuttle bus to different look out points.

The Colorado River running thru the Canyon.

This was when we first got there...I wasnt too excited to be that close, but we got the shot!

Those little people in the tunnel are me, the kids and Steve...Kevins boss.

The second day we took a couple tours around the Canyon. We saw Indian Reservations, lots of wildlife and of course amazing views of this Natural Wonder!

Kevin thought this was amusing...not me!!! He is actually standing on a tiny rock against the edge.

Monkey see...Monkey do:) (No worries, it isnt what it seems!)

We went on a hike thru the woods while our laundry was finishing. Koop was hot and thirsty. Problem solved!

We even took a Sunset Tour our last night there and got to see the Sunset from the most perfect spot. We had such a fun driver...Bob. He loved the kids. He had them sit in the front rows and be his "Assistants". Kay and Koop were loving the attention, but Kollin took this very seriously:) He watched Bobs every move so that he'd be ready to take over at any moment:) Check out the seriousness!!

Khloe yelling at Bus Driver Bob:)

The kids at the Sunset Peak.

The beginning of the Sunset.

Khloe and Kevin.

This view was right before the sun went down. I loved how it reflected off the clouds.

We saw some amazing views and I am relieved that this stop is over. It was such a fun place to visit but we are anxious and excited for our next stop in Las Vegas. We are kind of detouring to go over the Hoover Dam on the way.
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