Thursday, July 31, 2008

Our trip thus far...

We've been traveling for 4 days and are having such an adventure. Today we got into Flagstaff Arizona and so far have visited and stayed in New Orleans, San Antonio, TX, El Paso, TX, and Phoenix, AZ. Each so different in SO many ways! Now, Before you look any further...I have to admit that I'm such a nerdy travler:) I love taking pictures of new if any of these are pictures are of state signs or wierd looking bushes or cactus' its just because Im a nerd;)

The first day we went thru Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana - stopping in New Orleans for the night.

Khloe enjoying some yummy juice.

As we got into Louisiana we immediately saw some areas that are still recovering from Hurricane Katrina. Some very nice neighborhoods were completely abandoned! Hotels, restaurants, apartment buildings, gas stations, boarded windows on every was really sad to think of what people here have gone thru.

We were excited and anxious to see the city and didnt waste any time when we got to the hotel. The kids were pretty excited when they saw the trolleys (or as kollin says "charlies") so we rode one into downtown. The funnest part is watching the kids get so excited about doing new things. We got caught in a huge thunderstorm but didnt let it dampin any spirits. We still got to see the Mississippi River and tour the town.

This is a picture of the courtyard outside our hotel room. It was so pretty...I couldn't resist:)

Kollin and Kaylee on the trolly riding to the French Quarter.

Kevin and I really wanted to see the town but knew the kids wouldnt last very long walking around, so we found a fun way for the kids to enjoy it too...
Daddy and Kaylee on the horse carraige ride around the city.

Kollin giving the carraige horse a carrot. He was the only one of our kids who would do this. He needed a little push from the driver, but was pretty excited when the horse took it.

The carraige ride took us around the French Quarter. We got to see so many old and antique style homes. This building below was actually built by a pirate. Its the oldest structure in the city.

We came to such a cool city that we just had to eat at a place downtown. So we found this authentic pizza joint. Our kids dont do so good with authentic things...they'd perfer the fast food style, but did surprisingly good. Looking at this picture you would never know it was a restaurant.

Khloe laughing during her new favorite game...Peek-a-boo!

Before we left we found a great deal on souveniers...4 T-shirts for $20 - Perfect!

Next we headed to San Antonio, TX.

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