Monday, July 21, 2008

Trip to Smith Mountain Lake, VA

This past week we took a trip with the LeNeave clan to Smith Mountain Lake, VA. It was a perfect week...swimming, boating, games, family everywhere...not many things better than that!

This is everyone who was there. What a bunch... its crazy to think that with all these people we were still missing 15 others. (The picture is a little blurry. We had someone else take it and I think our camera has seen better days.) Uncle Tommy took some better pictures. I'll post those when I get copies.

Out of our family we were missing Timmy and his family and Mindy and her kids. So sad that they couldnt join us.

Kaylee and Kollin playing in the pool with Aunt Tiffany.

Khloe absolutely hated the speed boat. I dont think she like all the wind. I'm going to add Koop and Kaylee to that list too...Kaylee had this look of death everytime the boat would turn and lean to one side. And Koop, my little bruiser, could not for the life of him stay on his feet. He would hold on and still fall all the way to the back of the boat everytime it took off. It was sad seeing him not like it but completely halarious...

Kollin jumping of the top of the pontoon boat. Kevin and I were shocked at how many things he was brave enough to do. Most the time we are forcing the kids to do new things, but Kollin LOVED this. He would run and jump, then swim to the ladder as fast as he could just to jump again. We had to keep an eye on him because he wouldnt look to see if someone was in the water before he jumped...he was that quick.
If Kollin did it, I had to at least try it:) I'm not so good with the heights thing and its soSOSoso much higher than it actually looks. Oh, and the worst part was when you hit the water...No one else was plugging their noses and I didnt want to be the sissy, so everytime I jumped tons of water gushed up my nose.
My Grandpa LeNeave actually did a back flip off the top. I hope to be that active when I'm in my 70's:)

Kollin and Grammy driving the pontoon. Kollin had this fear of all the fish in the water so he would stand by the driver the whole time and watch where the fish were from this monitor they had on the boat.

Daddy and Kollin riding out to the cliffs for some cliff-jumping.

Me and Khloe...she was so interested in the water, we had a hard time getting her to look at the camera.

See that man dropping that child off the cliff...yep, thats Kevin and Kollin. Kol said he wanted to do it but was too afraid to jump, so Kev would drop him off the edge. You'de think he would HATE this but Kollin did it over and over again. It was completely halarious watching him fall then pop to the surface in his yellow life jacket.
This is Kevin jumping...he jumped off this small one then went to the medium one (the left side of the picture) and then was CRAZY enough to go the next step up! He actually jumped off a cliff that was almost three times the size of this small one. Before he went I kindly reminded him of the wife and 4 kids he had to support:) Oh, to be that brave...I jumped off the small one and attempted the medium. After counting 1-2-3 about 50 times, I took the leap. (My Uncle Tommy has a better camera and got shots of that plus Kevin jumping off the big one, so I'll post those when I get a copy.)

We were on the boats the entire day and the kids were exhausted. This is Kaylee, cousin Cierra, Koop and Khloe (in the left bottom corner) all asleep on the boat.

Stacey, Kyle, and Kimmy hanging out at the beach.

Another thing that Kollin did was knee-board. I would get in the water and set up and off he would go. He actually hung on for a long time! Go Kol!!!

Me knee-boarding. Kevin wanted me to let go and wave...I'm glad he got this shot because I wiped out after I tried the one handed thing.

Kevin wake-boarding. He did really good...what a hunk:)

Me and Kooper riding the tube. Kollin rode it too, but we couldnt get Kaylee anywhere near it. Maybe next year:)

Our boat beauty Khloe.
We also went night swimming in the pool (but my camera didnt do so hot on those), played games everynight, and had wayyyy to many desserts (no regrets though). We're headed to Utah this Sunday so it was nice seeing my family before we left. Oh, the memories...We are so sad its over but are ready for our next adventure! What a fun week.
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kristin said...

hey chrissy, where'd you get your bathing suit? i love it and am always looking for a good, cute suit that doesn't show TOO much. :o) would love some tips!

The Ashcraft Family said...

Hey Kris - I get my suits from Their a little on the expensive side, but they are stylish and offer lots of support (needed after 4 kids:). I always buy the skirts they have too...they are great for the pool, but the board shorts I am wearing are from Pacsun. How have you been??

Debra said...

I enjoyed seeing your pictures. It was fun spending time with everyone. Thank you for making the sacrifice to be at the reunion - it wouldn't be the same without your family! Have a safe trip to Utah! Love you all!!!

Erin, Ben and Nora said...

I am so upset that we missed the trip! I wish we could have been there and I could have met you! Looks like me missed some good old fun! Next time we will have to make it!