Friday, July 11, 2008

Eric Returning Home

On Wednesday, my brother Eric returned home from his mission in Las Vegas. It was so cute having all the kids waiting for him with their balloons and signs.

That man in the suit is Eric getting off the plane. He of course was one of the last ones off.

We had all the kids holding something for Eric and Kaylees job was the balloons. We had thought we had them wrapped around her arm tight enough but as she jumped off the escalator - away they went...

She was sooo sad, but Uncle Eric gave her a huge hug and made it seem all better.

This is the classic missionary mom about died when she saw that he had been walking around in these shoes, but it shows how hard he worked!

Yesterday we went tubing on the river with everybody. We were all so excited until we got in the tubes and all heck broke loose:) First, Kollin was ready to go until a big bumblebee flew onto his shorts resulting in this horrible horrible scream. I think he actually scared the bee because the thing crawled into his shorts...Ahhhh!!! Of course his scream got more horrific so I grabbed his arm and threw him into the water (which really didn't make things better) but it drowned the bee so that was taken care of.
Then as we got going down the river Kaylee would not sit in her tube by herself and continued crying. I tried talking to her and found out that she didn't want to be in the water because there are alligators in there...poor thing. Being in Florida has made her believe that there are alligators everywhere. So, I had her in my lap and Kooper in my lap and soon start to hear Khloe crying. My mom was holding her and she just wouldn't stop so I grabbed her too. I would have done anything for a camera at this point! Here I was in this little tire tube with Kaylee, Kooper and Khloe on my lap...and to make it just a little more interesting they were all wearing life jackets that made them all about twice in size. Oh the fun of it all:)

As we got to the end of the river there are these rapids that you can ride. I went down once or twice on my own and then heard Kooper say he wanted to go with me. Yea, my little 2 year old wanted to ride a rapid. I couldn't believe him...he giggled the whole way down. I was so glad too because it convinced Kollin to go. I guess after that you could call it a successful trip. We all got completely fried, but so many memories:) :)

All the kids enjoying some yummy KFC before the river.

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Eliason Family said...

I'm glad to know I'm not the only one that ends up with all the kids on her lap screaming! I can't tell you how many times since having Shelbie that its her and Brayden and than Maggie wants in on the action too. Sounds like the river was lots of fun! We can't wait to see you next month!