Friday, July 25, 2008

Last days in Tallahassee...

Well, we leave Florida Sunday morning and have truly had a blast being here. Its crazy how quickly 7 months have flown by! The store had their Grand Opening today and no one could be more excited about it than Kevin. He has spent soooo many hours perfecting the building and is excited for a break. The final product...

So, I asked the kids the other day to choose one thing they wanted to do before we left. There was no surprise when they all yelled "The Pool"!

And, we are so excited and proud that Kaylee is now an official swimmer. It happened so fast. And she swims soooo good. However, she wont come up for air and it amazes me how long she can hold her breath. She's a little too confident right now so we have an extra eye on her as she tries keeping up with Kollin.

Kaylee swimming.

She actually dives in to the water. It turns out into more of a belly flop, but she would rather do that than jump in. Look how deep she goes too.

Khloe's little feet turned pruny after 5 minutes. I love pictures of baby feet:)

These are just a few pictures of the kids being creative with all our toys and fun stuff packed. They do such a good job using their imaginations:)

I dont even know what to say about this picture of just makes me laugh!!!

We have an adventure ahead of us as we take the scenic route West. Our week long trip is going to include a night in downtown New Orleans, two days in Texas visiting different places, three days in Arizona visiting the Grand Canyon and a night in Vegas.

So we'll be MIA for about two weeks, but will post about our trip as soon as we can. See you then.
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