Thursday, July 31, 2008

San Antonio and El Paso, TX

San Antonio...

We arrived in San Antonio at about 3:30 pm and after a quick dentist appointment for me we went to see the town. Long story short - My 6 front teeth are veneers. I leaned over to pick up Kooper and he jumped up at the same time busting me in the mouth and knocking out the teeth. They hung on long enough to get to the dentist office thankfully!!!

With the teeth all fixed we headed to town and visited the Alamo first. Now, Im not much of a history buff, but Kevin and his boss are. And I'll was pretty cool:) Those little people in front of the door are Kev and the kids.

We heard a lot of mumbo-jumbo about this Riverwalk and wanted to check it out. San Antonio was the most beautiful city I think I've ever seen. I dont know what river it is, but they have built the city around it. Stores and restaurants ran along it. SoSOSo beautiful.

We ate at this steakhouse...yummm!!! They had this band that would go around and play any song you wanted. I dont remember which one it was, but the kids were pretty entrigued.

El Paso...

After a night in San Antonio we took off for El Paso. During our drive we were in Never-Never land and one of the tires to the trailer blew. It was about 100 degrees outside but while Kev and his boss were fixing it I thought it would be a good time to let the kids stretch their legs. (We of course were off an exit!) Being out in the Desert we were told to be cautious of snakes and unfortunately Kollin and Kaylee heard and would NOT step out of the car. Koop on the other hand ran down the a gutter and started throwing rocks...his current obsession.

El Paso is right on the border of Texas and Mexico so I was extremley excited about being so close to another country. Like I said...I'm a nerdy travler and have never been out of the country, so this place was awesome. As we drove into town we could see the Rio Grande. Look how close we were:)

There wasnt much to do around town so we caught up on some laundry and swam at the pool.

Kollin and Kevin messin around.

Kevin had been over the Mexican border a few years back and I was anxious to take the kids. But, as we got to the hotel a few people there informed us of a Drug War going on and how two gangs were fighting over control of the border. So, not the best and safest idea to get too close. Instead we drove under the overpass to the border and took a picture:) It was awesome to me to even be this close!

Next stop Phoenix Arizona.

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