Thursday, July 31, 2008


Our next stop was Phoenix Arizona but passed thru New Mexico on the way.

This sign was at one of the rest stops in New Mexico.

A few nerd moments...I haven't seen gas this cheap in probably a year. Had to take a picture. It was in a po-dunk town somewhere between New Mexico and Arizona.

There was about a 5 mile stretch were there were millions of these cactus'. Really neat.

One of our stops in Arizona was The Old Tucson Studios. I guess some old Western Movies had been filmed here (Three Amigos) and they have added some rides for the kids. Worst day ever for the kids. We got in the car afterwards and the thermometer read 108 degrees...HOOOOTTT!

Kev and Kay on the Antique car ride.

On the train around the park.

Kevin loves these shooting ranges. And the kids were so into it and would get excited for him every time he hit something.

The kids on the carousel.

on the carousel.

Kevin put us all in jail. It took a lot to get Kooper in there...he doesn't mess around when it comes to unsure things.

The kids said it was daddy's turn. Look at that puppy frown:(

We slept in Phoenix and drove to Flagstaff Arizona today. I have to say that the drive between Phoenix and Flagstaff is amazing! First the temperature changed from 112 degrees to 84 degrees. And second its crazy how quickly the scenery changes from dirt and rolling hills to cactus and small mountains to rocks, real mountains and pine trees. Amazing!!

We'll be here for the night and will drive to the Grand Canyon tomorrow for two days. On Sunday night we'll be in Las Vegas and then off to Salt Lake.
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Eliason Family said...

Your trip sounds so fun and exciting. We might be venturing across county sometime next week.. Funny flying to florida, tampa and working are way back home with a new car for daves sister. Anyway reading about your adventure makes me excited! I can't wait to see you guys when you get here. Let us know when you will be here! I'm hoping we aren't going to miss you and cross paths before you head to California!

Jacquie said...

Hi! Love to read about your family. We'll be in Vegas too, tomorrow we hope, flying stand by. Call me, I'd love to see you! 757-636-9886 or 702-399-1222 Jacquie Six

Please delete this after you get the phone numbers. Thanks!

The Ashcraft Family said...

Hi Jacquie. Its so nice to hear from you! We'll be in Vegas on Sunday night...hopefully if you are flying stand by you wont still be there. If you are let me know and we could give you a ride somewhere:) :)

I have your numbers but blogger said only the author can delete a comment. I'll call you too and let you know. I dont want them floating around on the web.

I hear Aimee is going on a mission. How exciting! I hope to talk to you soon.