Friday, July 11, 2008

Cousins and Disney Jammies

We're in Virginia right now visiting with my family before our trip to Utah. (this is going to be a quick post cuz the kids are yelling at me outside)

Kaylee and her cousin Cierra.

Kaylee under the water umbrella.

Kollin and his cousin Evian balancing on Michael. He just got back from his mission in Ireland last week.

My little fish Kollin.

One of our favorite spots here in Roanoke is the Disney Store. We got there just to see that everything was 50% off. We got such a steal on some jammies and fun matching beach balls.

Kevin cant be here till next week, so we are excited and anxious to see him. But its been so nice having the kids preoccupied with buddies their age!
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Katrina said...

I love trips!! That is so fun that you guys are in Utah now! How long are you there for...when are you going to Cali?? What a fun summer!