Saturday, July 5, 2008

Firework Excitment

I had so much fun this year buying the kids 4th of July outfits. Khloe is finally into sizes that I can now match her and Kaylee. I also love holidays like this because we get to take a family picture. I never feel like we get enough of these...Kevin would beg to differ, but hes a good sport about it. Khloe didn't understand to look at the little red light on the camera, but I guess 5 out of the 6 isn't too bad:)

Kollin loves little Khloe. He's such a care-giver. I love watching him love her as much as he does.

We went to a local park around here for all the festivities. They did this big shin-dig with pony rides, lots of food, bouncers, crafts and lots of other stuff. The kids had a blast. Here's Kollin and Kooper on the ponies. And Khloe got to ride on one too.

Kollin riding "Chester".

Kooper on "Cloud".

All of the kids riding.

Khloe loves to be thrown in the air(not too high of course), but it gets a good laugh out of her.

It was so funny walking around with the kids matching and Kevin and I matching too. Lots of the vendors got such a kick out of it and wanted to take pictures of us. Kevin and I got a good laugh out of it, and the kids were loving all the attention.

They even had a huge bouncer/slide thingy there and we were ecstatic when we found out it was FREE. So it was a huge hit for the kids.

Kay and Koop climbing up.

In the craft section there were these pools full of bubbles. What a great idea! We were a little nervous that Koop would try to take a dive, so Kevin kept pretty close.

Khloe absolutely loved the flags. I thought this was a great patriotic picture:)

The kids and I made some yummy cupcakes for our picnic. A definite weakness for us. Here's kooper enjoying the sprinkles and icing!

Kaylee dancing to the music from the concert.

These events always have the BEST food! The kids saw the Blue Bunny ice cream truck pull up and after sweating for hours we just had to get some. Such a ripoff! But memories for the kids. Kooper got Spiderman, Kollin got Ninja Turtle and Kaylee got Dora. Lesson learned...Never buy the kids ice cream in Florida when wearing nice clothes. It melted faster than they could eat it. Before I could get the wipes each of them had it all down their arms and drops on their clothes and legs. Kevin just sat in his chair and laughed at all the craziness. He saw it coming, but the mommy-in-me gave it to them anyways.

I think my favorite part of the entire day was the scrumptious funnel cake I had! MMMmmm! Kevin said his was the snow-cone that cooled him off. Kinda sad that after all we did our favorite things were food:) The kids all agreed that their favorite part was the bouncer.

This next picture was at 10 o'clock, the fireworks were almost done and the kids and Kev were completely exhausted from all the excitement. Khloe feel asleep around 9 but woke up when they started. She did great. Didn't even look at them half the time. I guess theres not much difference in the noise at home and huge fireworks. (Pretty bad huh)

We had such a fun time and made some great memories. I am so grateful to live in this county and be able to have such freedom for Kevin and I and our children. We get to enjoy such wonderful experiences and our children are safe, healthy and happy...what more could a parent ask for!!
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