Saturday, May 31, 2008

Preschool Graduation

FIRST...go to this site that we've made to hear Kollins graduation song "Florida Alphabet Song". Its actually Kol and his class singing it. Cutest thing EVER!!! The kids even had an action for each of the letters! Such a cute idea for teaching your youngins the ABC's!! Just click here.

This past Friday we attended Kollins Preschool graduation. He was so emotional the whole day. (okay, honestly it was me that was the emotional one!!) He has had the best 5 months ever at this preschool. He became best friends with a few of his classmates and had them over a couple of times to play at the pool with us. And his teachers were the best ever! Well, when we explained to him that it was the last day of school he told me he wanted to do something special for his friends. Together we filled "Speed Racer" gift bags full of fun little toys for the boys and jewelry for the girls and also added some yummy chocolate chip cookies too!

What an exciting day it was for him. At school they had a pool party-well not really a pool party...there was no pool. They did however have the absolute COOLEST water slide, and I am soooo jealous that we couldnt be there to play with them. I have to show a picture because I made Kevin promise that when we have a back yard we are getting one of these suckers!!! It was called the Vortex Spin Slide and Pool - Banzai

How cool is that!! He went on and on about this thing for about 10 minutes.

Then later Friday night was his graduation. They even got to wear caps and gowns. I was way to emotional for him to only be graduating preschool!! I cant imagine how I'm going to be when he graduates high school:) He did so good. He sang all the songs, did a few skits, and even got to walk across the stage and receive their diploma! Kevin and I are so proud of him. He has grown so much the past few months. He barely knew his alphabet when we got here and now he reconizes certain words out of some Stage 1 books.

Before the Graduation. (They're all looking!!!!!)

Kaylee was so mad that he took so long to come out. She was so excited to see her big bro up there on stage.

Doing one of the actions for the alphabet song.

Our little graduate:)

Mommy and Kollin

Daddy and Kollin

Kaylee was soooo excited for him. (I dont know if she knew what was going on, but she was so happy for him)

After graduation it was Kollins choice for dinner and his favorite right at the pool.
Khloe playin in the pool.

Kollin learning to swim. He's getting there :)

Khloe enjoying her first piece of pizza crust:)

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Debra said...

I am so proud of you! You sure look like a big boy in the cap and gown. I loved the song about the Florida alphebet!
Love, Grammy

kristin said...

I LOVE the song, his graduation, all of it. I love how your family is so supportive of one that Kaylee loves her big brother so much. So special, Chrissy. Thanks for sharing!