Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

What a fun weekend we had. Lots of swimming, BBQ-ing, shopping and playing. Friday the kids and I spent the afternoon at the pool and ordered pizza when Kevin joined us later that night. Saturday we did a little shopping in the morning and had lunch at "Steak n' Shake". Saturday afternoon we again headed off to the pool. The kids are really getting comfortable with the water. The first few weeks they were a little timid, but now they are jumping in not even realizing they dont have floats on...kevin and I really have to be on our toes! Then, that night Kev and I watched "Over Her Dead Body". What a cute and funny movie. Sunday we did the norm and relaxed most the day. Two days at the pool with 4 little kids...tons of fun, but completely exhausting! Kevin and I really needed Sunday!! On Monday we had planned to not go anywhere near the pool! We figured it would be pretty busy so we decided to head to the mall and do a little shopping. Its a good thing too...we drove past the pool at about 10:30 a.m. and there wasnt an empty chair! It would have been too busy for our little family! So, we went to Qdoba Mexican Grill for lunch(wow!!! completely worth the 5 lbs we gained!). After a few hours of walking around working off our yummy lunch we came home to BBQ up some yummy Tenderloin, Rice Pilaf, salad...mmmmm!! We ended the weekend doing some sparklers. The kids loved this! Kooper didnt understand that you dont touch the sparkler until of course he did and burnt his hand. He still wanted more so we were glad he decided to be tough! Kollin played the name spelling game...he tried to see how many times he could spell his name with the sparkler before it ran out. He is getting so smart!!! Kaylee loved holding it up in the air and watching the sparks fall to the ground. I honestly dont think we've ever had an easier bed time than last night...they were exhausted! After the kids were tucked in Kev and I settled in for our Monday night TV shows...American Gladiator and Dirty Jobs!

K, well I need a nap after re-living all the excitement:) :) :) Lots of fun! (oh, in case you notice the dog in a few of the pictures...we were watching him for Kevins boss while he went home this weekend. Our lovely, active children are plenty for us right now;)

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Debra said...

The kids have grown so much they sure are adorable!!!! I can hardly wait till July when I get to see everyone again!
What's with the dog in the pool? They let you do that?
The pool has been great fun for you all - perfect for Florida!
Keep having fun! Enjoy all those days at home when your kids are little! Love, mom

Erin, Ben and Nora said...

Your family is so dang cute! I can't wait to met you as well. Hope it is sooner than later. Hope you enjoy your summer and keep in touch!