Friday, June 6, 2008

Kung Fu Panda and other happenings...

This week was full of fun activities that we all enjoyed.

So first...while watching some morning cartoons Kollin saw a commercial that "Diego" was coming to town for his Live show and was going to be at a store nearby. So of course we went and ended up having to sit in the already 90 degree weather for 45 minutes (diego got lost!!!) The kids were flippin out because it was soooSOSOsoo hot. So, finally Diego shows up...yeah!!! No. He was a young boy only wearing the oufit and backpack!!! He wasnt even in a full costume. Kollin knew he was fake...proceeded to tell me that it was just a man dressed up like Diego. Anyways, in the midst of all the hottness and lateness of Diego I bought the kids some balloons and it seemed to put a smile back on their faces. Hey, at least we tried:)

We're spending lots of time at the pool these days. Seems like the only way to cool off around here. New milestones...Koop will now jump in the deep end on his own. I dont know if thats a milestone or something to freak me out a little more. And Kaylee can now "doggy paddle". She completely sinks, but she gets pretty excited that she can now "swim". What a sweetheart!

Doggy Paddling:)

Figured out she can splash!!!

And so exciting...Khloe can now sit up on her own. She has been our laziest child ever and we are so proud of her that she is reaching some new phases. Kollin is especially proud! His voice went hypersonic when he saw her on her own. I love how close the two of them already are. She is complete smiles when he walks in the room and he is always kissin and lovin her! Khloe is coming up on 6 months this week and is growing quicker than I know how to handle.

Then this morning at church they had a slip 'n slide party. The kids had an absolute blast. We couldnt keep up with Kol and Kay. Kooper went down the slide once and didnt want anything else to do it the rest of the time. He ended up hanging out at the bubble table and the bubble baby pool. It was the hottest day EVER so Kev and I just sweat our guts out the whole time, but at least the kids had fun.

Doin spins down the slide.

And finally, Kollin woke up this morning reminding me that "Kung Fu Panda" came out in theaters last night. So we made the afternoon all about Panda "Po". We went to McDonalds and got them the toy and then headed to the movies to see it. What a FUN movie this is for kids. Especially little boys who love to wrestle and Kung Fu each other. The kids actually did pretty good during the movie. Koop was a pain in the butt, but what else can you expect from a 2 year old whose told to sit still for 2 hours. So to say the least Kevin and I are exhausted and excited for the laziness that Sundays bring!

If you're still reading this sorry for it being so long...hope you have a wonderful rest of the weekend!!!
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Anonymous said...

Looks like you all have been having some fun! Super cute pictures. Chrissy you look really cute in a hat!! Miss you guy's:( Britt

Debra said...

The kid's are so cute. I can imagine all the Kung Fu around the house now! The baby sure is growing, she is adorable!
It is quite a blessing to have the pool this summer for the kids to enjoy! Seems like Florida life is treating you all good.
I am so excited to see everyone in July!

Stacey said...

You're kids are getting soo big!! They are stinkin' adorable! Cute Kloe and Kooper looking like a little stud. They used to look so little. I'm stoked to see you all in a few weeks!! Save some energy for Virginia. You're all sure staying busy. :) How fun though!

Michael, Tiffani, and Presli said...

Yea! I am so glad you found us!Thanks for your sweet comments! I am thrilled to see that you guys are doing so well! Khloe is so adorable! Where did you get your cute blog background, and your cute slide show?