Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Finger Painting...

Craft for the day...Finger paint!! The kids always have so much fun with this stuff! Its amazing to just sit back and watch their different personalities come out while making a mess:) Kaylee's paint must cover the entire paper. There cant be one spot unpainted...she just cant handle it:) And Kooper is very shy with this stuff...for being a boy! He loves it between his fingers but only for a few minutes and then gets upset at me because I wanted to take a picture instead of clean him up. He had a rag beside him the entire time cleaning his fingers after every touch...made more of a mess than anything, but whatever makes you happy koop:)

We even got Khloe into it today. How fun was this!!!!! She didnt even hesitate plopping her hand on this gewy stuff. It got EVERYWHERE!! Her hair, face, clothes, even in her mouth...but it made for some great pictures:)

We started out with paper and then realized it was much easier to do without!

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Stacey said...

How fun! You should try it with pudding sometime! Take the really cheap vanilla pudding and dye it with food coloring. It really does dry like the normal paint...and it's finger lickin' good. :)