Saturday, May 17, 2008

California Here We Come

Going from one coast to the next...We just found out that at the end of July we're heading off to Chico, California for Kevin's next project. Here are a few stats:

-Its in the Northern Sacramento Valley. Very small town, only about 83,000 people!
-3 Church buildings in this small town...compared to the 2 in Tallahassee!
-The average temperature for fall/winter is said to be in the 70's!!!! It doesnt get much better than that!
-Besides the weather...we are most excited about FINALLY having a Chipotle in the same town!! By far the best mexican restaurant ever (we think). Havent had one since D.C.

Much more boring stuff, but these were our favorites;) So, lots to look forward to!

Florida is such a great place and we've had a blast exploring, but we are sosoSOSSOOOso excited to check out a new part of the country. Even better...we have been wanting to get out to Utah to visit our family and friends, so for all of you out there - come August we'll be stoppin by :}


Anonymous said...

Wow! Good luck on your next move. I wish it was closer to us:(
When are you guy's going down to see your mom? I hope we can go around the same time, so we can see you before you move. Britt

kristin said...

Wow! So very cool! We lived up in northern Cali for a while. There's no place on earth quite like it. You're in for a rare treat!
Love, Kristin