Sunday, May 11, 2008


This was such a fun little project that I thought I should share...I found the template for these Name Badge Albums at They are basically mini-albums that fit into those plastic ID badge covers. I just used some of my favorite pictures of the kids over the last month or so and made a scrapbook page. They are for me to keep in my purse since I'm such a bad mom and never have pictures of my kids in there! :) They even made wonderful Mothers Day gifts this year filled with pictures of all the grandkids. I really love how they turned out, small and cute, roughly about 3.5 by 2.5 inches. They fit in the palm of my hand. So easy to make!
Here are a few pages out of the books...

I got the badge holders at Walmart in their office supply section, 12 pouches for about $1.60. Or you can buy them at Office Max...sometimes better quality. To print, I placed 2 of the little "pages" on a 4x6 document and ordered them from Walmart, then cut them out and stuffed into the pouches. I think I did 18 little pages per booklet. My kids love to look at them too. It was a fun little project. :) Go and make one, you can do it!


Rachael Black said...

Great idea!! I'm definitely going to try to conquer this one soon. I hope to buy the Photoshop Elements program soon. When I do, I think the first 'badgie' group I'll make is of my honeymoon!! Thanks for the ideas! Hey, check out The goal of the blog is to get parents to spend quality time with their kids away from the TV or computer. They do this by offering ideas for activities to parents, weekly, I think. Check it out and let me know what you think.

The Ashcraft Family said...

Rachael...what a great website!! I feel like Ive done every craft out there with my kids so I love finding new things to do!! Thanks sooo much for sharing!!!

kristin said...

Wow, great idea, Chrissy! I can't believe how much energy and creativity you have with 4 kids....I constantly admire you. And reading your blog makes me excited to be a Mom someday! Thanks for sharing your life!

Anonymous said...

Those are sooo cute! What a great mothers day gift! You are so creative and very good at all your crafty things you make!!! Were is mine:) Britt

Debra said...

I loved my gift, I take it around and show it to people just like grandma brags about her kids!!!
I have such cute grandkids!!!