Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Ice skating and Kollin's Volleyball

Since Kevin and I are completely obsessed with volleyball, usually playing 3-4 times a week, we had an opportunity for Kollin to be on a youth league and decided to coach his team. We were called the Passers and had the funnest time! At the end of the season we ended up only loosing 4 of 13 games. They did awesome!!

It was fun watching Kollin progress. At the beginning he could barely serve over the net but a few weeks later it was one of his strong points. Here he is serving...

We were so proud of him trying a new sport.

There's lots of reasons why we love Vernal and one of them is the Ice skating Rink that opens in the winter. They had an opening night that was free admission, and if you know me you'll know that I wont pass that up for ANYTHING!
This is how most of the kids started...(Khloe stuck to the wall)

...but you can tell by Kollins determined face that eventually they became brave enough to go faster and faster.

Even Khloe ventured off the wall...


Kooper did soooo good, he went around that rink probably 100 times.

Hanging out while they resurfaced the ice.

Kevin and Khloe.

Me and the girls. Its not so bad when you have one kid holding your hand but its a real challenge when you've got one on each side! If one goes down you better believe we all did:)

Even though Ice Skating reminds me of ice and snow, I love that we've been able to enjoy Fall this year. Last year it went from Summer to Winter. We've loved seeing the Foliage and enjoying drives up the Mountains to see the seasons change.

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Stacey and Kyle Nielsen said...

It's fun to see Kollin playing Volleyball.... trying to start his love for it early, eh? :) Just like Mom and Dad? Just kidding. Ice skating looks like fun! Love the picture of Khloe hanging onto the wall! Lol :)