Sunday, February 27, 2011


Mazatlan was again...INCREDIBLE!! We didn't have any plans on what to do when we got off the ship so we jumped in on a tour around the city. It actually was a great idea because they took us to the coolest parts of the town, let us get out and walk around and at the same time explaining the history of each area. When we got there it was cold and foggy but by about 9:30 we were able to get rid of our jackets!

Mazatlan had the best beaches between the 3 ports we visited! And the most beautiful scenery too.

A lot of the homes were built into the sides of the hills.

We visited the church downtown. We were able to go in and look inside too. It still holds multiple services each day but in between those we went inside and were just in awe of the beautiful details.

Our ships from a distance...ours is the blue one.

Each year Mazatlan holds this big "Carnival" which the way the tour guide was explaining sounds exactly like Mardi Gras in New Orleans. Its just a huge party along the streets for an entire week. Although the only difference is if you break the law - instead of putting you into a jail cell they put you in this cell built in the side of a mountain. Its just a hole with a locked gate. They leave you in there all night and said you get eaten alive by mosquito's.

One of the stops we made were by these absolute CRAZY people! TJ and Rachel paid them 5 bucks and got him to jump from the top of this cliff into 5 feet deep water!! He would wait until a wave came by which would give him an extra foot of water. It was amazing what they would do for a few dollars!

Then after that we headed to the beach! The tide was really really low so it had a lot of beach front for us to enjoy.
Here's Kevin and Tj ready to do some boogie boarding.

Us girls even got in. Ohhhh it was sooo nice!! I haven't been to the beach in years and the few hours we had before heading back to the ship just wasn't enough!!
Me and Rachel.

Check out these taxi's!! The weather was so perfect and so beautiful that we were able to have the wind in our hair the entire 20 minutes back to the ship. I'm not kiddin...I could really get used the cruisin life:)

When we got back to the dock Kevin and Tj took advantage of a $5 massage while Rachel and I shopped!

We did have a freak out moment though...when we got back to the dock and did the massages and shopping we thought we had lots of time but that time went by wayyy fast and on the shuttle back to the ship we realized that we were the LAST ones back on the ship!! They pulled in the ramps right behind us!! I would have loved to stay in Mazatlan longer but having to figure out how to catch a flight back to the US or catch a flight to meet up with the boat in Cabo would have been one hectic night!! And to think of the fun we would have missed if we missed the boat that night...
When we got back on the ship we had some yummy dinner and went to the show that night (I think it was the comedian) and after headed upstairs to play some basketball. When we got up top all the lights were off and they had just washed the basketball deck so it was dark and very very slippery. But we decided to play anyways!! Turns out those two details makes it very interesting to play basketball! Honestly it was BLAST!!!
Then we went down to the arcade and played some more games...
Kev and Tj.

Another FUN FUN thing about the ship is that twice a day they come into our room and CLEAN IT!! Yes...someone else was cleaning my crap for once!!! And not only did they clean it but they left us a different cute, fluffy animal each night (with some chocolates for the eyes...which I would usually eat before Kevin even knew they existed!!).
Here's fluffy/cute/chocolatey elephant man!

So the next and last post is of Cabo and our last day at Sea...oh how sad that its almost over!!


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