Friday, February 25, 2011

Cabo San Lucas and home to Utah

Our last port was Cabo San Lucas. This was our favorite spot of them all! The scenery, the weather, the beaches, the sand, the excursion...everything was perfect!!
The view coming into Cabo...

Getting off the ship we had to use the tender was really cool though because the view of all 3 ships was pretty majestic!! Ours again is the blue one!

The beaches were AMAZING! Actually amazing doesn't really cut it...they were better than that! Crystal clear water and sand that was softer than any sand I've ever touched! This beach was called "Lovers beach". It was perfect!

...then you walk between the two cliffs and you're at "Divorce beach". They told us not to swim over here because the current was so strong that it was drowning people.

Lots and lots of pictures!!

This guy just pulled this jellyfish out of a wave. This is a terrible look for me I know but I was a little nervous!

The beautiful beach and the lovely ship in the background!

Such beautiful scenery everywhere we looked!!

We even got to get up close and personal with some sea lions that hang out in the shade all day.

We were SOOOOO excited to do a last minute excursion on the beach. One thing we learned...NEVER buy an excursion from the ship. For the zip line in Puerto Vallarta it was $120 per person if you bought it from the cruise line but if you go in person and pay then it was only $60 per person. The same was for the Jet Skii's in Cabo...they wanted $90 on the ship for 45 minutes but on the beach we made a deal for $50 for over an hour of fun! It was incredible riding around the HUGEMUNGOUS ships and jumping waves. We got so much water in our face that kevin was burping it up...even though that doesn't sound like much fun - it was AWESOME!!

After a while of riding doubles us girls went to lay out and the guys went off to be their own kind of crazy.

After Jet Skiing we walked along the beach and around the town before heading back to the ship. That night was the last formal dinner night.

Ohhhh the food was delish...but the deserts were even better!! White chocolate this and fudgy that and cake and brownie...oh my!!

For the show we had a "tribute to Elton John". Don't let the feathery costume fool ya...he was great!!

That night we had a Dessert Extravaganza!! It was very very elegant and upscale...nothing like the desserts back home. Everything was wonderful but by then we were dying for something as simple as oreo's dipped in milk.

Then we had our own little Ping Pong tournament upstairs.

And got back to our clean room just to find my favorite animal of the week...Monkey Man!!

The next day was Friday...our last day. It was spent at sea sailing back to San Diego. We soaked up as much sunlight and pool as possible before getting back to our snowy Utah!

For lunch we ate in the buffet dining room and sat by the window. It was so neat to be eating while looking out at the ocean right under us! Every little detail about our adventure was absolutely incredible and perfect!

Kevin played in a knock-out tournament.

That night was fun, exciting and sooo sad all at the same time. It was our last 5 star dinner! The waiters put on a fun show for us and made it so memorable!

And our dessert of the night...Glacier something?? But it was Neapolitan ice cream covered in this fluffy whip cream!! YUMMMY!!! We devoured that sucker!

Us with our drink lady (Mel) and our amazing waiter (Reiza). The life these guys live on the ships amaze me every time we would talk to them about it. They came from all these different countries and live on the ship for 10 months at a time. They made the eating part of our trip simply perfect!

That night we went down the the casino and played our own little game between the four of us. Kev won first but bet it all on the Roulette table and lost it, then we played it again and TJ won it all and bet it on the Roulette table and doubled his we left breaking even. Again one of the funnest nights ever!

The last show that night was a mixture of the comedian, magician, dancers, singers, everyone we had seen the whole week packed into one nights performance. AWESOME!!

I remember shedding a tear when we got off the ship...I missed my kids more than anything but it was such a relaxing and amazing week with our friends that I just didn't want it to end! While we were waiting for our flight in San Diego we hung out at the local mall and ran into the guy that did the "tribute to Elton John".

I went into this trip thinking we'd be able to relax a little and have some much needed alone time, but honestly came out with so much more. The experiences I'll never ever forget, the people we met on the boat, the food, the excursions, the tours and ports, the beaches, the millions of laughs with Tj and Rach, the time that Kevin and I got to spend together, there's just so much that made this cruise the best week ever!

We loved it so much that when we got home we planned another cruise for May 2012 with my family. We're taking our kids on the new Disney Dream Cruise leaving from Florida. Its a long way away but I want them to be able to see and experience some of the incredible things we got to! Lesson learned...if you ever ever ever get a chance to cruise - DO IT!!!


Stacey and Kyle Nielsen said...

Awww... what fun memories! I'm glad you all had the time of your lives! You all deserved the break, that is for sure!! Loved the pictures!! Can't wait to experience what this whole cruise excitement is all about...May 2012!

Jacquie Six said...

Disney cruises are the best. Wait til you see the dining rooms, not just one, but several different kinds!

kristin said...

AMAZING, Chrissy! So much fun to see your pictures! You guys look like you had a blast. Stay tuned to my blog...Scott and I just got back from a trip to New Zealand! Will be updating in the next few weeks....