Sunday, December 12, 2010

Our search for the perfect Christmas Tree

Boy we have been busy busy people over that past few weeks. The days seem like they only last a few hours and their gone. So here's a brief run down of what we've been up to...

This past week Kevin and I finished our 3 on 3 league Volleyball and the 6 on 6 league that I was on. We have really become obsessed with it and most weeks play at least 4 different times! These are the amazing girls I played with for the 6 on 6 league. It was awesome and I looked forward to Wednesdays all week long! So so so sad its over!!

For family night this week we took the kids to see Tangled in 3D. It was such a cute cute movie!
Sportin our hip 3D glasses!

For Thanksgiving we headed to Salt Lake to be with family. Kevins parents rented a beautiful cabin up in Eden for a few days and we were able to visit with all his cousins and brothers and sister! Every time we go into the city we try and eat out at one of our favorite restaurants that we dont have in Vernal...which is A LOT but we usually choose one each time. This trip we went to the most YUMMIEST no SCRUMPTIOUS no MOUTHWATERING oh there are just no words for how much we love Chick-fil-a! And while we were at the mall we also ran into another fellow that the kids have been dying to see....

I refused to pay $20 for an eenie meenie 5 x 7 photo so I just snapped a few shots with our phone.
This picture looks a little weird to me...only because he is getting wayyy too big to be sitting on Santa's lap. I'm sad to think of how many years I have left with the Santa excitement with Kollin!

This year Khloe has been just giddy with every song, Christmas light, costume, name it she just smiles and smiles. She's finally at that age where she understands Santa!

I couldn't believe what they were asking for...who do they think this Santa is! Kollin wants a laptop, Kaylee wants a Barbie Jeep and Kooper and Khloe were simple things like a skateboard and a DS.

The next day we went to the airport with Paul and Cindy to pick up Kevin's sister Kristin and her husband and daughter. After they arrived we went over to the baggage claim and Khloe was just ecstatic! She loved this thing that took the suitcases around in circles. So we let her put her "suitcase" that she had to bring into the airport with her. She watched that thing go all the way around.

She also saw another girl riding on a suitcase and wanted to do the same...

Sweet Claire did it too. Her and Khloe are about 4 months apart so it was fun to see them become friends.

There were lots of activities for the kids to do up at the cabin. A couple of the Dads made a pretty cool slide down the rocks in the back yard for the kids to go sledding down.

Kollin catchin some air!

He completely went off track...

Kaylee is gripping this sled soooo tight and her eyes are even closed! But again, check out that height!


Even though it looked crazy Kev and I took the kids into the hot tub out back that was surrounded by inches and inches of snow.

Claire. She looks toasty...I gotta get me a coat like that!

Kevin even talked Khloe into going down...

Eventually they gave up on the sleds and started body surfing down.

Cindy got all the kids some cute jammies...

On Thanksgiving Day we drove down south to Little Cottonwood Canyon and had dinner with my family. Uncle Billy made a wonderful turkey on the grill and my mom and Stacey made some amazing side dishes that reminded me of sooo many thanksgivings. During the dinner we did the "what we're all grateful" thing. It was super cute to hear what the smaller kids had to say...the simplest things that I forget to be thankful for everyday!

Brooklyn, Kaylee and Madison.

Me and Kevin.

Khloe helping Grammy make some sauce cake.

After dinner we all lounged around and let our belly's heal. Kevin and I decided to go out that night for some black friday sales too.

When we got back to the cabin Kollin started to feel a little queasy and ended up being 'throw-up' sick all evening long. I was relieved when he finally stopped throwing up because I knew I wouldn't be up all night dealing with that...well I thought too soon! Just as we laid all the kids down and Kevin and I were finally in bed after being awake for a full 48 hours (the whole night before doing black friday shopping) we hear that dreadful sound of throwing we turn on the lights and Kooper has thrown up ALL over Khloe!! I have a TERRIBLE gag reflex so I was dry heaving while I was bathing her and helping Kevin clean up the carpet. Then as soon as we get Koop a bucket and Khloe cleaned up she starts throwing up all over her hour later yep...It was my turn. So all night Me, Koop and Khloe were sharing that tiny bucket. I know its gross but I honestly haven't thrown up that hard and that much in soooo many years. It was the LONGEST night ever but we made it through and because of how exhausted we were and because there was a small storm coming in we decided to go home the next day. I wish we could have spent more time with the family but it was a wonderful week full of family and lots and lots of memories.

We've had so much fun lately with our wood burning fireplace at home so a couple of weeks ago we took the kids up into the mountains and cut down some firewood.

Kooper LOVED it! There was about 2 feet of snow up there and him and Kollin were the only ones that would get out of the truck.

Full and ready to go home.

And we've been decorating for Christmas A LOT!! I do a little each day and hopefully will be done by the time Christmas rolls around and I'll have to take it all down. But last weekend Kevin got the lights on the outside of the house. I only wish my camera would do any justice to how beautiful these lights are and how the light up our entire street!

Then this year we decided to get our Christmas tree the way most people in this town do...driving up into the mountains and cutting it down ourselves. We've been really happy with the tree's that Lowe's sell but liked the thought of spending $10 on a permit for one instead of $65 for an already cut down one.

Khloe was pretty I mentioned before - EVERYTHING about Christmas just makes her soooo happy!

We drove about and hour and a half away, hiked around a bit...

It was like a light was shining on this tree when we saw it! It had the most perfect shape the only problem...

...was that it was HUGE!!

We didn't know how big that tree was...until we set it in the truck!

Khloe found her own tree she had to bring home too.

Excited and ready to get it home and decorate it!

It was really neat seeing all the deer everywhere while we were driving around!

Kevin stopped for this one...he was dreaming of shooting one of his own...its hard to see but it was a 6-point buck...I'm guessing that's a good thing:)

On the way home we took a different turn and ended up being on a dirt road for over 2 hours! The kids were exhausted to say the least!

This is the view we drove thru for over 2 hours long.

We got it home and in its spot and realized it looked like it was on stilts...we've been adding presents and it doesnt look so bad but the picture on my camera didnt turn out so that will be on my next post.

Yesterday we celebrated Khloe's 3rd Birthday. Yes, my baby is 3! I'll admit I had tears when I put her to bed last night. I wasnt saying goodnight to a baby anymore...she was now a little girl. It was a wonderful afternoon as a family and was bittersweet to celebrate that special day with her.


Our ABC Family said...

Loved all the updates! Sounds like you guys have been having lots of fun! (Other than the being sick part:( Hope you're all feeling better!) Sure miss seeing you guys and hope that things are going well for you!

Stacey and Kyle Nielsen said...

Wow...what an adventure just to get a Christmas all are turning into true Vernal peeps! I will admit that your tree all decorated is super, super cute!! Love your pictures as always!!