Sunday, January 11, 2009

What a crazy week!!!!

Well, this past week has been quite crazy! To start it off, on Monday Kevin got word that a few more rigs were shutting down and that he and a few others were going to be "temporarily" layed off. The oil field is a little slow right now but they expect things to pick back up in March or April. Friday was going to be his last day and as he went in a guy on the crew was driving a forklift and ran over a fence and unfortunately was fired. Really sad for him, however it saved Kevins job!!! What a blessing it was for something that never happens to have happened on Kev's last day (if you understood that...)! MY what blessings come when you live life righteously!!!

On a happier note for the past 7 years I have really wanted to paint my house and finally we dont have plans to move any time soon so Kevin said OK!! I contemplated on colors or styles for a few days then we went to a restaurant and I loved what they had done with their walls. After getting some advice from the partner at the restaurant...without further adu....



Also, I've done a few crafty things that have been kinda fun!! A little bitter sweet but a few weeks ago I finally finished my last childs name decor...

And on Friday I had a friend over to celebrate her birthday and found this way cute HB sign idea. I found the idea on Crafting Chicks...such a fun "crafty" website!

I designed these in Photshop, printed them, cut them an tied together with different ribbon.

The temperature finally got above freezing here so the kids wanted to take their new bikes for a ride. It was the longest ride because they kept getting stuck in snow, however they were pretty excited!! (you can see how cold they are)...It was their idea!!!

Even though the three other kids were walking by 10 months my sweet Khloe is just getting started! There's no pressure as I want her to be my little one forever!!!! But she's got it down to about 10 steps now.

And we've had tons and tons of dress up time lately.

Kaylee and her best friend Josilyn.

Im not a Star Wars fan, so I dont know what exactly he is - but this is Kollins favorite suit!

I've got a few more crafty things happening as I'm trying to finish the girls room first. So stay tuned!!
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The LeNeave's said...

I love the paint! It looks so great! But my favorite is name. Very creative.

Debra said...

Wow! Your house decorating looks great. It looks like all is well with the Ashcrafts in Utah. The kids are adorable. It makes me want to jump on a plane and come out there. Wish I was retired!

Stacey said...

Very cute! You'll have to show me how you put together her artsy name with those frames! I love how they turned out!