Thursday, January 22, 2009

My "little" girl...

...isn't so little anymore! This past Tuesday our sweet Kaylee started Preschool. She has been asking day after day when she could finally go to school like Kollin. As I will with all my kids, I cried such happy tears for her when she walked into her school forgetting to give me a hug! No fear - I got that hug!!

When I went to pick her up I was so excited to see her walk out that door...just to see her pout when she saw me! Yeah - she didn't want me to take her home, she wanted to ride the bus. (Well, I have to take it one step at a time, so I explained to her that she cant ride a bus until she's 4...I may be horrible, but it's all happening so fast!) Kay is such an amazing joy and is the only child who still likes to cuddle with us. So it was bitter sweet to see her enjoy this moment.

Also, our Khloe is just as dang adorable as they come! K, so she has started this hiding phase where she likes to climb in the cabinet and shut the doors and just sit there quietly until I've looked EVERYWHERE and start yelling for her...anyways she figured out how to crawl under Kollin and Koopers bed and while she was hiding there kollin moved the love sac in front of his bed for something to jump onto (another issue we're working on) and realized she was STUCK!! I heard her screaming and found here like this...

Look at this little ball of, I had Kollin in my room, saw Kaylee in her room and Kooper was going to the bathroom - so somehow she pushed this to the window herself. It WASN'T there before! She is just amazing and makes us laugh so hard. Anyways, when I checked on her she was standing on it and looking out the window but by the time I got the camera Kaylee had given her a book to read.

And this was just something that was amazingly beautiful! We've had this huge foggy/hazy weather around here and its been wayyyyy below freezing so this was the result one morning. Everything was covered in frost. It was sooo neat seeing everything white!

And last but not least...
Tim and Brittany came over the other night and brought some scrumptious fajitas. We were in charge of dessert so Kollin and I made Dirt Cups. My mom used to make this when I was younger but she used Ice-cream. Kollin isn't such an Ice-cream fan, so he suggested pudding. Whoa - good call Kollin! We even added a special Oreo surprise at the bottom!

(Now I have to add that my cute little Kooper was in tears as Kollin and I were messin' with him in Walmart...I told him we needed worms for the tops and headed to the sports department to find some real ones. After his crying got louder and louder he was FREAKIN out about these squirmy things, so Kol and I came clean. Soooo funny!)

Madison eating some dirt.

Jaxon...what a GREAT smile!!! He's such cutie!

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Katrina said...

It was so fun to catch up on your life!! Happy Birthday Kevin! I wanted to see you guys so bad but knew it would be hard to get done...sometime soon hopefully! Who knows...we may be living in Utah in a few months. I was laughing out loud about Khloe getting stuck under the bed....too cute!

Debra said...

Everyone is so cute! Thanks for sharing all the pictures - it makes me miss the kids more but it's still worth it to see how cute everyone is and to see pictures of their personality.