Saturday, December 20, 2008

Playing in the snow

We've had a few storms go thru this past week and although we didnt get as much as Salt Lake, the kids were pretty excited to wake up each day and see more and more snow on the ground.

I had to take this picture...this was at about 10 p.m. and I went out to get a treat and was shocked when I looked at our thermometer in the car and it said...

YIKES!!!!! It hasnt gotten above 20 degrees for about 2 weeks now! We've had fun with the snow and all but coming from Florida...this is a HUGE change!!!

We've had lots of play time outside. Khloe doesnt like it so much so she usually hangs with me wrapped in a blanket.

This picture was after the first wave of snow..

These are after about two more days of snow showers...
Kollin and Kooper waiting to ambush Kaylee with snowballs...

Kollin thought he would challenge Kevin to a snowball fight. I'll go ahead and tell you that Kollin fell in the snow and got a huge chunk of stuff down his back...that ended that one!

Sweet Koop.

Bad idea!!! We didnt think there was enough snow to put their whole bib set on so after climbing this hill they had snow all down their boots!

Attempting to make a snowman...the snow was way too soft.

Snow angels.

Warming up by the fire! You can tell on Kollins shirt just why he lost the fight!

Also, this week we went and saw Mrs. Claus at the Library. She was passing out Oranges...FINALLY something healthy this season!!

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