Sunday, October 5, 2008

Fun Halloween Project

Since it's the beginning of October, I wanted to do something for my kids since they are always asking me "when is it going to be Halloween!" I found this great idea online to make a Halloween countdown for them so they can know exactly how many days until Halloween. So Stacey came over last night to join me and we had a fun little craft time!

I went and bought a magnet board for the base. Then created 31 round mini "layouts" in Photoshop CS2 (using the digital kit "Batty For You" available at, printed them at Sams and cut them out. They ended up being 2.5 inches in diameter. I used a 3 inch scallop punch and punched out 31 scalloped circles from black cardstock, then adhered the numbered circles to the scalloped circles. Then I simply added a magnet to the backs of the circles, modge podged ripped halloween scrapbook paper around the edges of the board, added ribbon at the top of the magnet board, and I was done! It was a fun, inexpensive (with coupons) project and they are excited to put a new magnet on every day. You could really do this for any holiday or countdown.

Another little thing I did was make these fun little magnets.

1. I used a 1 inch circle punch to cut out circles of some fun scrapbook paper.

2. I bought the glass part at Ben Franklin (you could find them at walmart too) big pack for around 3 dollars(you can get both large and small-I like the large best-but I guess it depends on where you are putting the magnets.)

3. I used a sponge paint brush to apply mod podge to the paper side, pressed it to the glass part and let it dry for a moment.

4. Then you can hot glue the magnet to the back of the glass or you can buy magnets at walmart that have adhesive already. And that is it! Super easy and very cute!
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