Monday, September 29, 2008

Update and Cornbelly's Corn Maze

First, yes I took a picture while driving. The leaves are BEAUTIFUL right now...and I just couldn't resist!!!

Second, our computer has been retarded lately so this post is a little late however I thought we should update everyone on whats been going on. Well to begin...thanks to the struggling economy, construction has become one of the worst fields/professions to be in right now. The company that Kevin has been working for started laying people off pretty quickly and every time it happened we would be so grateful that Kevin wasn't one of them! Well, long story short - the company has decided not to do Sportsman Warehouses anymore and has run out of jobs for Kevin (and other superintendents) to do and even though he hadn't been layed off yet we could feel it coming real quick!

So of course we went into a mild panic mode and started looking for jobs everywhere. My brother Tim moved back to Vernal, Utah about 3 months ago and began working for a drilling company there. After talking to him we soon realized that maybe a career change would be best right now. So, Kevin has since started a job with Pioneer Drilling out in Vernal and we are currently looking for a place to live. This definitely isn't a permanent move; the job comes with a 7 days on 7 days off schedule which will give Kev the opportunity to go back to school! We, or should I say I am a city type girl and its so much easier entertaining children in a big city. So this will be a HUGE adjustment for us all!

Anyways...on to the fun stuff:)

Kevin had to work this past weekend so the kids and I met Stacey down at Thanksgiving Point and went to their AWESOME Cornbelly's Corn Maze. Man, we had a blast!! There was so much to do there for the kids!

Unfortunately it was SOOO hot!! It was kinda weird going to a fall festival when its 86 degrees outside. But none-the-less we had a great time.

They had a mini maze for the youngins...Kooper gave up:)

Kollin loved the Hay Tunnel. I crawled inside to see what all the fuss was about...Oh, to be young again!!

These tube slides were pretty cool. They were so fast and completely caught Kooper off guard. He ate it pretty bad coming out of it.

I thought I'd take Khloe for a ride. I think it was a bit fast for her:)

Another playground built on top of piles of Hay...this place was soooo cool!

Kids going on a cow/train/tractor ride?!

I practically dragged Kollin into this place and literally dragged all three of the older kids thru it while Stacey maneuvered Khloe and the stroller behind us. We were determined to do it all. Kooper still looks terrified but Kollin was pretty proud of himself. Repeatedly telling me not to bring him back when it got dark because that's when it gets haunted! Thanks Stace for all your help!!!

Now this was the COOLEST part of this place! It was a huge trampoline/bouncer thing. It was impossible to act like an adult at this place:) Stacey and I joined in on the bouncing fun could you not!!

We also went on a hay ride around the park.

This was one of those moments where I wished my camera could take pictures faster. We were across the field and Kaylee all of a sudden saw the Pumpkin Princess and completely sprinted to give her a hug. It looked like one of those shots from the movies!! Kaylee stood there and carried on a conversation with her (notice all the other girls wanting their turn). I only wish I knew what Kay was saying to her.

This was too cute...They had this plastic cow that had utters filled with water so you could practice milkin a cow.

Kaylee was soooo confused:)

As part of the princess thing they had an area where you could dress up as a princess and sit in Cinderellas carriage. Kaylee was in complete HEAVEN!!

We took them thru the kids corn maze. It was tough keeping up them. Thankfully we made it out without having to cheat! Kollin made sure of it. He was a great leader.

It was such a fun day full of super fun activities. Thanks Stacey for joining us for all the excitement!! Afterwards we had some scrumptious lunch at Rumbi Island Grill!!!

When we got home it was such a beautiful night that the kids and I went on a bike ride!

Koops gorgeous smile...he's such a sweet kid!

Khloe LOVES the swings! I'm not sure if she looses her stomach or what, but she was so giggly.

I'm excited for it to finally start cooling off around here. These are my favorite months coming up full of holidays and family time. Happy Fall!!
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Stacey said...

Those are some funny pictures! I freakin' love your kids :) They're so adorable and cute!!

Kristin said...

Way cute pics! I can't wait to get out there at the end of this month. Hopefully you all will still be around and I will get to see Kevin at least a little with his new job. Glad things have sort of worked our for you. TTYL!

Love the new backgrounds too!