Wednesday, September 3, 2008


The nights here in Utah have started to really cool off so last night we gathered around the fire pit to have some yummy smores and warm up a little!

Koop wasnt so fond of the smore...but he loved all the fixins!

Kaylee was all about warming up her booty:)

Papa, Nana and all the Kids.

Warmin up by the fire.

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Kristin, Carlos and Claire said...

when did a firepit get put in?? looks way fun...i hope we get to have a fire too when we come out. miss you guys!

kristin said...

love seeing life in the ashcraft family. you're so good at updating! thanks for sharing! it makes me feel more connected to you! what's the plan now? how long are you guys out in utah? do you know?

Rachael Black said...
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