Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Gateway

We've had a hard time finding things to cool us off here in Utah...cant seem to find shade anywhere! So today we met Stacey down at the Gateway Mall in Salt Lake and let the kids play in the shooting water things. LOVED it!!! Koop usually holds back when it comes to things he's not sure about, but he loved this place.

Kollin like to pretend like the water spouts were chasing him...

Kooper a little cold but laughing at all the other kids. It looks like he's crying but he's really laughing.

Khloe was so funny...she watched the kids play for a while then I sat her down in front of the hole and she just stared at it. What a great confused shot:)

Kollin and Khloe playing together.

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Debra said...

It's great to see the kids having such a good time, they are adorable! I sure miss you all.