Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Well, yesterday I celebrated my 26th Birthday! Yes, 26...where are the years going? It was such an easy going day. The kids and I had some lunch with Stacey and made a yummy Heath Bar Cake. For my birthday Stace brought me this way cool Edible Arrangement. It was full of Strawberry's, Watermelons, cantaloupe, grapes, pineapples...you name it! The kids loved it. And it was so nice that everything was on a stick. Usually they get juice all down their arms, but this made it kid-easy!

August is full of Birthdays for us...Kollin is next. I cant believe he's going to be 5!! He is so excited to start kindergarten and I am preparing myself already for the emotional roller coaster I'll be on as he rides away on the bus! Im excited for him but wish time would seriously slow down:)post signature

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Debra said...

That's quite a fruit basket. I love how creative it is! It's healthy also! Enjoy