Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Trip to the Beach

Well, our time is getting short here in Tallahassee and we found the chance for one last adventure to the beach. This past weekend we drove out to Panama City. The kids were so excited, Kaylee especially. Its about a two hour drive and she must have asked "are we there yet?" a dozen times. Extremely frustrating, but its cute seeing her so excited. Khloe absolutely hated it!! She seemed disgusted the whole time and didnt want anything to do with the hot sun and the diaper full of sand!!

We made this little hut for Khloe so she wouldn't get burnt too bad.

We got a little smile out of her...

We finally got her to relax for about 30 minutes.

"Speed Racer" Kollin

Khloe and Kevin

"Mermaid" Kaylee

"Speed Racer" Kooper

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Stacey said...

Fun, Fun!!! So, Christy... is that ANOTHER yet fashionable swimsuit I see on you? How many do you own these days. :)

Katrina said...

Hi Hi! So I keep thinking that I talk to you all the time because I check your blog daily, but as I was making some new clippies (and using your foam idea) I realized that I actually haven't talked to you at all. It's so funny how blogging makes you think that you are so in touch! Thanks for the great tip by the way! I love it! I have lots of new stuff to post...I just haven't quite gotten there. I love how you made a canopy of shade between the two chairs! Great idea!!

kristin said...

Such cute pictures as always Chrissy. Miss you guys!

Debra said...

Everyone looks like they are enjoying the summer beach days! I'm glad everyone had an enjoyable time! Look forward to spending time with everyone.
love, mom