Monday, June 30, 2008

An exhausting success!

For Fathers Day this year I went and had the kids pictures taken. Its been a few weeks, but we are now just getting them scanned on the computer. Attempting to get all 4 of them still, smiling and looking all at the same time reminded why Kevin says to just put them on the couch and take a picture:) Walmart had one of their awesome specials going on...56 pictures for $7.99. I just had to do it!! The deal was great, however the sucky thing with walmart is that the picture people dont have a lick of experience with children. So of course, I was behind the camera making the dumbest sounds out there just to accomplish this. And to make things worse - for this special they cant store the pictures for you to choose the best at the end! If you say "lets try it one more time" you cant go back. So after about 20 different shots and it being an hour later I gave up and accepted this one. The more and more I look at the pictures I realize that they are absolutely PERFECT. Any picture of my kids not pulling each others hair out or screaming because someone touched them is a successfull picture!!

Its amazing how much Khloe has change in just a month and a half. Definately not the best picture of her:) All she wanted to do was grab the camera!

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Katrina said...

I LOVE them!!! They are so cute. You really do make beautiful children! I thought about doing this for John for Father's Day as well, but of course it never happened. Well done!!

Stacey said...

Oh my goodness! So ADORABLE and CUTE! WOW! They've all gotten so big! Those are beautiful and handsome pictures! Awesome work!! I'm so excited to see you guys on Monday!