Friday, April 25, 2008

A loss for words :(

Okay...promise I am a good mother. I try my darnest to make sure my kids eat right, dress right, talk appropriately, learn to share, yadda-yadda-yadda. But 4 times in 1 week Kooper has hurt himself sooSOSOsoso bad! Brittany~I'm afraid I was wrong about kooper having Timmy's "accident" luck:(

~Monday: Tripped and split his head open on the wall.
~Wednesday: Fell outside and skinned his knee, hands and elbows.
~Thursday: Trip to wal-mart (chaotic anyways) walked in front of the basket and I didnt see him...RAN HIM OVER!!! Tore off a chunck of skin on his finger and just about took a finger-nail off.
~Friday: Sitting on the toilet watching his poop come out (hehe sooo gross!) lost his balance and fell head first onto the floor. Biggest Goose Egg I have ever seen. And it was right on top of his split that was just starting to heal :( :(

I took him to the ER the other night to get his head checked out (it kept bleeding and I was afraid he hit an artery or something) and had a cat-scan done. Everything was totally fine. We felt so much better knowing he didnt have a concusion or something and now my worries are back. I'm afraid if I take him twice in one week they are going to call Social Services on me:(

Misty...I am sooo interested in how to get one of those helmets that Brayden had. I really think it might save his head :]


Katrina said...

Oh my goodness...what a week for that poor little kid...and for you! It is s o traumatic when your children get hurt! Isn't it great that their heads are so hard and that they can actually deal with a lot! That is the biggest goose egg I have ever seen too!

Rachael Black said...

Kooper the Trooper!! That should be his theme song. You should make up a song and sing it to him!! POOR GUY! Kids go through clumsy stages.....I'm still waiting to grow out of mine! I hope that he's feeling better soon. I know how distraught you must be. A case study of your family would prove to Social Services immediately that they are waisting their time! You are the best mom! Maybe you should get one of those kid back packs and lug him around for a week or so until the bruises go away!!! LOL. I'm just playing. Don't worry, that probably won't be his last goose egg!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness!! Chrissy his head looks so bad. The poor little guy. Jax went through a stage were I thought he was going to kill himself, because of all the crazy way's he landed on his head. I would tell my family some of his horrible accidents he had that day, and they would first ask if he was okay then they would just laugh. They have always told me father like son. Anyway, I have never ever seen a goose egg like that. Take care, and tell Kooper to be careful and that we lovea him Lot's!! Britt

p.s hope you have a better week ahead. Also if you ever need to lock yourself in a room and call someone I'm there:)

Eliason Family said...

Poor Kooper! I'm so sorry, that doesn't look like a fun week of accidents. Well Braydens helmet I must admit wasn't cheap, needed doctors approval and was for a flat spot on the back of his head from being an infant. I will admit I liked that it kept the bangs and bruises down to a bare minimum but now that it is gone well he is still figuring out that it hurts when you hit your head on something your not susposed to. YOu asked about names, well we are still undecided and so it will be a surprise to everyone when we leave the hospital. For now we call her baby girl! And the kids when asked call her I don't know! Hope Koop is having a better week! We miss you guys!