Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Frog encounters...

Lately Kooper, Kaylee and I have had a few frog encounters. Now these arent normal frogs that jump away from you, they are insane frogs that will jump AT you!!! Kay and Koop are now completely terrified of these green creatures.

Yesterday we were getting in the car to pick Kollin up from school and this crazy frog jumped on the window just as I was shutting the kids doors. If I hadnt shut the door when I did, the frog would have been in the car and all heck would have seriously broke loose!!! Well, it got a little scream out of me which caught Kaylees attention and oh my gosh...the doors of the van were shut, but you never would had known. She saw it on her window and let out this scream so loud that it scared Kooper and he started screaming. SoSOOOOsooo dramatic!!! They wouldnt stop until this thing was gone. So I figured when I start driving it'll jump off...NO, this frog was suicidal!! It hung on half way to Kol's school. It took a lot for kaylee to get over this yesterday.

Then today, they were driving around on the little truck and Kaylee noticed something jump on it. I couldnt take the pictures fast enough but she got a little closer to see what it was and it jumped again. She has such a soft voice but I cannot believe how loud this girl can scream! Of course her scream scared kooper which made him try and escape the truck which he couldnt do fast enough so he face planted it onto the concrete and was crying again. These darn creature have got to quit this!! Two days in a row-seriously!!!

Anyways, after we calmed everyone down we came inside to see the pictures on the computer and they are even afraid of that. They cant even look at the pictures I took. A little part of me is sad that they are so scared, but it is honestly so funny!!!

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Stacey said...

How funny!! Those aren't tiny frogs...they're pretty big. I don't blame Kaylee and Kooper! Hilarious though!