Monday, March 10, 2008

She's 3 months!!

Well, darling Khloe is 3 months today. Time has gone by so fast!! She is absolutely beautiful, joyful, happy, and is definately our chunkiest baby!! She is finally on a feeding schedule which means I can FINALLY get things done during the day! We are still working on getting her to take a nap the same time the other kids do, but we'll get there. There are no words to describe the excitement kevin and I feel when she smiles at the sight of us!! I think kollin is her favorite:) She will jibber at him until she falls asleep! He is absolutely loving it. Life is perfect with each of our beauties and we are so happy that they are so close in age. Its awesome watching them grow-up together!

Here are a few pictures that have been taken of Khloe recently.

(trying a jello jiggler)

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Anonymous said...

She is just beautiful!!! I just love the second picture. What a doll!!! She is so perfect. I love that she has a little chunk to her. I love chunky baby's! What can you say. You really have two beautiful girls and two handsome little boys. Just a supper cute family. Britt