Monday, March 3, 2008

Miss Kaylee

It was a beautiful 80 degrees yesterday and I caught these pictures of kaylee. She was just walking around talking to someone on her little princess phone. She has her moments that make me pull my hair out...but there are times like these where I just cant get enough of her. She is truly our 16 year old in a 3 year olds body! She already loves to shop and will ask me sometimes if we can go to the mall:) She cant get enough jewelry, is constantly asking to put her "ip goss on" (lip gloss on - I hold onto it after she went a little crazy one day), and sits still as ever just so I can put eye makeup on her. What a sweetie!


kristin said...

What a cutie! I love that she is so girlie! It's fun watching your kids grow through your blog and being able to be connected to your life this way!

Anonymous said...

How cute is she!!! I think the best thing about having a little girl, is when they are so into all the girly things. Makes it a whole lot of fun. I so wish we lived closer. Are girls would just have a good old time together.

Tell all your sweeties hi. And that we miss them very much!!! Britt
p.s so are you going to beable to come up to Orlando when we go down there? Do you have any more good info. about what the best places to go are? If so let us know. Thanks Britt

Anonymous said...

Chrissy, LOVE the new template. Great job on it!!! I noticed that you wrote that Kevin's brother is headed on a mission. Wow' that is so crazy to think. I remember when we were living with them just these two cute little boys. I loved watching the Disney channel with them. hehe! Good old times. How crazy how fast life goes. But how neat for there fam. Send are congrats. Britt
ps. can't wait to see you all soon!!! I also have a question for you. I might just have to call you on that one. See you later.