Monday, November 8, 2010

Halloween 2010

Halloween this year was crazy hectic! Kevin was leaving for Denver to do some training for work, we were moving and trying to help the kids enjoy trick or treating the same day! Well the Friday before Kollin and Kaylee's school puts on a Vocabulary parade where the kids choose a vocab word and dress like it. Khloe was super excited for this because it meant she got to wear one of her princess costumes out of the house.

Khloe ready and waiting for the parade!

When Kaylee came thru I got her to do a little disco dance.

And Kollin was soooo excited to be able to wear his Halloween costume to school and march around as a Magician! (Khloe was excited to see him too!)

That night we went to the annual Pumpkin Festival just outside of town. They had some awesome pumpkin designs that people did and some of the pumpkins were HUGE!!

The nights here have started to get quite chilly so it was nice that they had a bon-fire to warm us up.

And of course a maze for the kids to run around in.

I'm not sure if it happened everywhere else but here in Utah we celebrated Halloween on Saturday. Tim invited us to go to a trunk or treat with them but before we headed there the local radio station was passing out candy. This was GREAT because they literally placed each pumpkin in their bucket of candy and just piled it in!! I could have been done there and not done the trunk or treat...but we had 4 kids who begged to differ!

Our G.I. Joes...Jaxon and Kooper. Because we were soooo busy I slacked on makeup and hair...I'll try harder next year for sure!

Our cute kiddos ready to trick or treat!

Sweet lady bug...Alli!

After we went to the Halloween party at our church.
Khloe playing her FAVORITE for candy!

This guy was amazing...he walked on stilts the entire night. The kids were a little terrified so we got a good family shot instead!

It was a great and ended up with an entire pillowcase of candy! Its a week later and sadly I'm 5 lbs heavier and the candy is GONE! Yea, I probably should have monitored it better but we got some GOoooOoOoD stuff this year!!

So an update that I've been meaning to post is that we've moved! We have been living in a townhouse for 2 years and its been wonderful but the kids are getting bigger and we were VERY, VERY quickly outgrowing that thing. Some friends of ours got the opportunity to move away from vernal back to where their family is and offered us to lease their house until ours is rented and we're ready to buy theirs. Its a beautiful home and they built it only 6 months ago.
I haven't taken my own shot yet but this is one I stole from her blog...
the front -

And one of my most FAVORITE parts of this house is the lovely back yard!

Ohhh I just cant wait for next summer to have a place for the kids to run and a GARDEN!! Yay!!

You can kinda see it in one of the pictures but there's a playhouse that they built too and the kids had an awesome idea to make it their "clubhouse" and they wanted to make it their own. So I grabbed the bazillion cans of paint I had left over from all my crazy painting adventures and had Brookly, Madison and Jaxon come over to help them make it their very own clubhouse!

Kooper was shocked when I told him he could paint it however he wants...

Madison starting on the outside.

Kooper and Jaxon.

Brooklyn adding some cute faces...

I went inside to get them a snack and came out to find them making hand prints all over it. Such a cute - well messy but cute idea!

And the Ashcraft/Jenson kids clubhouse...their still thinking of a name!

I've been busy making this house our home and promise to have pictures up as soon as I do!


Stacey and Kyle Nielsen said...

Super cute idea with the clubhouse! So special for the cousins to have together. Can't wait to see more pictures of your house!

Our ABC Family said...

Love all the pictures!!! So excited for you guys and the house! It looks way nice and will be so nice to have more room! The kids did a great job on their play house as well! Can't wait to see what you do to make this house yours! :)