Friday, January 29, 2010

Beating the Winter Blues...

Winter gets extremely boring and long here once February comes around and we've been surrounded by snow for about 3 months now. The kids and I have tried to come up with new activities to get thru these winter blues.

One of our events this month wasn't exactly new but it was pretty exciting. On the 25th of January Kevin turned a whoppin 27 years old. After a long day at work he came home to a decked out house full of balloons.

I was swamped with decorating and planning that day so a great friend of ours offered to make Kevin his favorite Heath Bar Cake and came over that night to help celebrate.
As Kevin went to blow out the candles we surprised him with some gewy silly string.

Then he got us back:) Sorry kiddos!!

There was one thing he has been asking for since about November. The only problem was that it was wayyyyy over our budget. He works sooo hard for us and I really, really, really wanted to get it for him. So I had saved up some money from watching a couple awesome boys and was able to get him the one thing he wanted...

Enjoying his fighting game after all the kids were in bed. Happy Birthday Babe!

The other thing the kids and I have done is attempt to somehow ignore the piles of snow on the ground and go play at a park. Right before our first snowfall last year the city re-did one of our favorite parks and we've been stalking it ever since. Just waiting for the snow to get low enough for us to play. Well this last week we had a day that got up into the 30's with the sun shining so we got on our gloves and boots and headed to the park.

Yea so our feet disappeared in the snow...but that's what the boots were for.

The sea-saw was definitely the favorite. Or as Khloe calls it the "he-ha".

Ohhhhhh it was soooo nice to get outside!!!!

These tea cups are just awesome! You're completely helpless when you're on them and can spin forever! I love love my kids but it was HILARIOUS watching them get so dizzy that they would totally face plant the snow when they rolled off these spinning cups.

Kollin spinning Khloe:)

The slides were the hard part. There were thick piles of snow at the bottom, so Kollin had to go down a few times to kick the piles off.

Thanks Kol!!

Kaylee just as happy as can be.

Kollin and Kooper climbing the wall.

Kollin in the obstacle course. I'm not kidding this park was awesome! We are park nuts and I'm totally looking forward to spring so we can be outside more.

Singing while their swinging.

I've finally downloaded all the Christmas and New Year pictures so forgive me that its a month late but those are next! Lets just all think Spring together and maybe it will come sooner:)!


Katrina said...

That park is AWESOME!!! man.... we need one like that! hAPPY BIRTHDAY kEVIN!!! It's so fun to get them gifts that they REALLY want. Sometimes it's worth the sacrifice!!

Kristin said...

cool park!

Kevin's b-day is always my weakness at attempting my yearly new years resolution of sending bday cards to everyone. maybe i should start mid-year so i can be in the habit of it by January. lol Glad he got a good one this year. :)