Monday, August 17, 2009

Weekend of Crazy Fun!

Well I'm playing catch up again...Last weekend I got back from a super fun trip to the city. My sister Stacey had her handsome little boy Rylan and my Mom flew from Virginia to see him. A sweet new baby and my could I not go!! My brother Tim and his family also came so we had a fun weekend with lots of noise and fun activities.

Kev had to work the whole weekend so I was happy to have somebody to visit. I have a ton of pictures so I better get started...

{Thought this was so cute...not so safe, but she fell asleep (somehow) with a balloon in her mouth!!}

A favorite spot when we visit Salt Lake City is the Gateway. Not for shopping sadly but for the free entertainment that the water spouts give my kids. They simply LOVE this place.

{Kollin - man, he just looks so old in this picture. Can you believe I'm going to have a 1st grader this year...ahhhh.}

We went back a 2nd time when Timmy and his family came. My Mom and Tim would form a train with the kids and see if they could run a full circle around the spouts without getting wet.

We spent lots of time with my new nephew Rylan. What a cutie!!! I just hated putting him down! And miss him tons...hint hint Stacey:)

He was soooo popular with the kids! I don't think he understands yet just how much he's loved! And may I say Khloe...Hello Hollywood!!

{We got the kids to do a pyramid. Notice the look of fear from little Khlo!}

We also spent a day at the Hogle Zoo.
{Jaxon and Kooper enjoying some snacks before the Bird Show.}

{Khloe shocked at how close the birds got to us. What a funny picture!}

While we were there we celebrated my 27th Birthday. My Mom got a few shots of the kids making my yummy Fun-fetie cake! Mmmmm!! Then later that night Cindy(Kev's Mom) made me some awesome Heath Bar Cake. What a scrumptious day!!!

On Sunday we stayed home with Stacey and Rylan so Timmy did a fun little Primary for the kids.

It always goes by sooo fast. But what a great weekend we had! When we got home the Fair was in town so we got to enjoy some of the kid activities they were doing.

{This was the Candy Drop. A helicopter flew over this spot and dropped huge bags of candy then a few Firemen threw them down to the kids. Really cute idea!}

{For the younger kids they had a fishing pond where they got lots of candy and a ticket for a free book!!! Yea!}

{When we got inside there was a Big Red Barn that they could walk through and be farmers.}

{They got to plant seeds and then pull up vegetables that were growing. Everything was fake of course but they loved it!}

{Khloe gathering the eggs from the chicken coup.}

{Kaylee milking a cow.}

{And Khloe picking apples from a tree.}

After we were done inside we walked out to where the rides were and heard the dwarf cars practicing. These things are so little and simply adorable!

I cant believe summer is almost over. Kollin starts 1st grade in 8 days!! I know a few moms around here aren't excited for summer to be over, but all I can say is WHOO-HOO!!!! I am out of ideas to entertain and am ready for structure again!

This past weekend we went camping with Tim and his family and had a blast! FROZE and made it through a thunder/hail storm, but really had a blast. Those pictures are coming soon!!
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Stacey said...

I love your pictures!! Your kids are so photogenic...and might I add that Rylan looks so sweet in your pictures too. :) How fun!! I wish we could of joined you at the zoo, fair, and camping! I can't wait until Rylan is a little older so we can start joining you all on your crazy adventures!