Tuesday, July 21, 2009

4th of July 2009

Wooo-I cant believe I'm running almost 2 weeks behind again on my posts!! I wish I could stop time for about an hour or two and get caught up on all those little things in life!

So July 4th was lots of fun! Kevin was home (YEA) so we got to spend the day as a family...and with family!

{One of the few Holidays we actually get a family picture!}

We started that morning with the parade down town. Now, I know we live in a smaller town and all but seriously - the WHOLE town was there! It was really, really fun! And of course the kids just LOVED it!

{Khloe, me and Kollin}

We had quite the bunch of kids. All anxious for the parade to start!

It seemed like every float either threw out candy or sprayed the kids with water guns. And when it came to candy - these kids are QUICK! I only wish there were some way to incorporate candy and getting their jobs done at home without rotting their teeth:)

{Sweet Jaxon checking out the floats coming}

Before it got started some jets from Hill Air Force Base (in the City) did a fly over. Sometimes we feel kinda secluded way out here, so this was really neat to have them come so far!

I thought the water-gun thing was clever. It was only 10 a.m. and WAYYY to hot to be sitting out in the sun, so the kids were definatly enjoying and soaking up all that water!

{Kollin after getting squirt!}

Kevin thought this was too cool and wanted me to take a picture. I didnt know they had this but its a team of Uni-cyclers! They had a sign in front of them that said State Champs. All their arms are interlocked! I cant even ride one of these things -let alone with someone balancing on me!

{Khloe enjoying some candy from one of the floats.}

That afternoon we met Tim and Brittany at the City Park for some fireworks.

{Kaylee and Madison playing}

LOVE THIS!!! Jaxon truly enjoying some Cotton Candy!

The Ashcraft Fam...ready for some fireworks!

This is just a cute video of Kaylee JAMMIN to the music that was playin at the park. She just couldnt help herself!

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Stacey said...

Haha!! Fun pictures.... especially love the video of Kaylee dancing. That'll be priceless to watch when she's older! She's got some moves; how sweet!