Saturday, December 13, 2008

Khloe's 1st Birthday

Awe, my sweet little Khloe celebrated her 1st Birthday on December 10th. There are so many times where Kevin and I find ourselves just staring at her in complete shock that she has grown so fast! Khloe has become more and more beautiful each day and we are soSOSOsos in love with this little ball of joy!

Just a few of her favorite things...
1. SUCKERS!!!! This girl is in heaven when she has a sucker!
2. Dancing. While standing the other day she even got her hips into it!
3. Cuddling! By this time our other kids were out of this phase, but sweet Khloe is constantly looking for a hug and we grab her with huge open arms!!
4. Her new found love...Baby Dolls! She sleeps with one each night and even gives her (open mouth) kisses!

She isn't walking yet, but she's my baby so I'm not pushing that anytime soon! Khloe says a few words like "uh-oh", "ouch", and "bye".

This is my baby girl on her 1st Birthday...

She got so good at picking up those balloons. She would actually get one in each had and laugh as she knocked Kollin, Kaylee, and Kooper in the face:)

The kids helped make her birthday cake earlier in the day. Khloe was so concentrated on eating that cake batter...she wouldn't put the mixer thing in her mouth - she had to eat it off her fingers!

I didn't really have a theme this year so the kids and I took her on a stroll through Walmart and handed her things to find out what she wanted...this pony she seriously hugged til we checked out!

The kids made Khloe her own special mini cake that she could destroy! Topped with yummy skittles!

She was a little shy at first but as soon as she tasted the cake there was no stopping her!

We invited over Timmy's family and some friends that we've made in the Ward. Khloe's cousins bought her a new squooshy baby doll! Another sleeping buddy!

A tradition for our family is when the party is over we give all the kids forks and they run around popping all the balloons. So much fun!

This was her big present this year. Something to help her walk and ride too. You can fold it down and turn it into a riding toy.

My sweet thing! Happy Birthday Khloe!!!

She brings such amazing joy into our family! Its kind of comical now telling people that I have a 1, 2, 3, and 5 year old! We love you Khloe. Happy 1st Birthday!!
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