Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Christmas Fun!!

So this past weekend Kevin and I headed to Salt Lake City for a weekend away to celebrate our 7th Anniversary. We stayed at this amazing hotel called the Grand America! A MUST if you are ever staying the night in Salt Lake. This place was the epitome of perfect!!! Just one little detail...we stayed there for 2 nights and each night we got back to the room our bed was turned down with robes layed out and a BOX of chocolate on top!! And the housekeeper had turned the TV to this relaxing music channel so as soon as we walked in it was instant relaxation!!! Just the perfect place!!!

Stacey and Kyle were amazing and watched our 4 kiddies for 2 days! Kevin and I seriously took advantage of this and did as much movie watching and shopping as we could!!! Friday we went and saw "Four Christmases"...HALARIOUS!!! I just think of Vince Vaughn and have to laugh outloud because it was sooooo funny!! And then saw "Australia"....this was a very long movie but a must see!

Saturday we finished our Christmas list and ate at all the restaurants we've missed since being in Vernal...Rumbi Grill, Outback - all the good stuff! Then Saturday night we went to Temple Square to see all the lights. I've been so many times but it is so beautiful! (please forgive the picture...we took it ourselves and with our phone...)

Then yesterday we decorated our Christmas Tree. We have started our own tradition since we got married to get a real tree! I love how they smell...mmmm!

The finished product...its so much prettier all lit up at night!

And to make the day more perfect, while we were decorating it started to snow...Awe!!!
Kaylee trying to catch some snowflakes with her tongue.

Last night Timmy family came over to have some yummy Chili and make some Gingerbread houses. It was fun seeing all their cute ideas.

Miss Kaylee loved doing the icing. She wouldnt let anyone else touch that icing bag!

And the cutest of all...Jaxon and Kooper seriously ate the entire night. They would eat a piece, put a piece on the house, eat a piece, but a piece on the house, etc...such a cute little pair of boys!

After all the decorating we let everyone dig into one of the houses. Madison and Brooklyn enjoying some Gingerbread!

It was a great day enjoying Christmas activites and family!

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Rachael Black said...

What a great Anniversary! I'm sure that it was nice to have the time to give attention to each other and to spend time just taking in the sights and lights!