Monday, September 1, 2008

Happy Birthday Kollin!

This past Saturday Kollin had his 5th Birthday and what a party we had...

Khloe loved rolling after the balloons.

We gave him a few options to do for his special day and he chose the Pool in Bountiful. It was a really nice end of of the summer activity. It has this outside play area with a pirate ship and inside theres a big slide, lazy river and big park in the pool that the kids just LOVED!

We were soooo lucky to have so much family around! Cindy came and was such a huge help with little Khloe, Stacey and Kyle drove up to play also Tim and Brittany with their 3 1/2 kids joined us from Vernal!

All the big kids playing on the Pirate Ship.

Khloe...our little bathing beauty!

Kevin and Kooper just coming off the slide!

Me and Kaylee.

Stacey and Kollin on the slide. This was definately a huge hit!

After a few hours at the pool everyone came back to the house and had some yummy Pizza. We were so excited to have Diana and Jeremy over too with their beautiful little girl Gracie.

We thought we'd attempt the pinata thing...the kids were loving it, but those things are getting harder and harder to break! After a round of all the kids we ripped the bottom off and let them all dig in!

The kids playing outside with some air pump foam shooting things that Kol got.

Okay...the kids usually have a character theme that I can easily order the cake at Walmart or Sams, but Kollin decided to give me a run for my talent:) This year he chose Lego's! Well, Walmart doesnt have Lego themed anything so I had to make the cake this year. It turned out alright but I think I'll leave the cake decorating to the professionals next time!

At the end of the day Kollin said he had the best Birthday I think it was a success! It was quite the party. In the end we counted about 25 people there so we're excited to have a few months break until the next Birthday. Happy Birthday Kol!
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Kristin, Carlos and Claire said...

i have been an awful auntie by forgetting to send bday cards and stuff to my nieces and nephews. every year i vow to send cards to everyone, but we have so much family now! anyways, happy 5th birthday kollin! we love and miss you...we'll see everyone in october!