Monday, September 15, 2008

Camp-out in the backyard

We've been wanting to take the kids camping lately but have been kind of lazy about actually "going camping". So this past Saturday we thought it would be fun to have a 'camp-out' in the backyard. The kids were pretty excited about this...(I was soSOSOSOO excited about no bugs, dirt or the biggest of all real bathrooms!!!!) :)

The kids loved helping Papa set up the tent.

When it got dark we started a fire and had some yummy smores! Once again Kooper only ate the fixins...he could stuff a whole 'big' marshmallow in that little mouth!

Khloe had to be held the entire time now that she's "mobile". But it just meant she got more food...which she was just fine with! "Do I have something on my face???"

Warming up by the fire.

Finally bed time! Luckily Paul had a tent big enough to fit all 6 of us. Each of the kids had their blankets and stuffed animals...we had wayyy too much stuff in that tent. Now, I knew it might get a little chilly overnight but I have to say that it was the coldest I have been in a LONG time! Kevin just snuggled himself under a few blankets and was ready for a good night sleep, but I was so worried about the kids being cold that I only ended up getting about 2 hours of sleep! Between getting up and down all night making sure the kids were covered, lots of shivering and being kicked in the back by Khloe....awww it was lots of fun!!! But I have to say that we will definitely do it again:)

Kaylee with her stash of comfort:)

Even though it was a 'little' cold the kids really had fun and it created so many great memories!
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kristin said...

What a great idea, Chrissy! My sister and I have been talking about taking my almost 3 year old niece camping...but we want to find a campground close by in case it goes disastrously. Great idea and looks like a blast! You make mothering look fun and easy!

Stacey said...

Cute idea! Do you think you'll take that much with you when you go "real" camping? :)