Saturday, September 20, 2008

Adams Canyon

One of the funnest things about Utah are all the different canyons and outdoorsy things to do. Today was a perfect 75 degrees so we took Kollin, Kaylee and Kooper on a hike up Adams Canyon. We weren't sure what to expect so we left Khloe home with Cindy. The kids loved being outside and the fact that we were going to "climb a mountain"!

Kevin and the kids at the beginning of the canyon.

The kids petting some horses that we saw on the trail.

Cute little bridge...this was the beginning of the hard part.

Once we actually got in the canyon it started to get really rocky and super steep. I am still amazed at how great my 2 and 3 year old did on this hike! It was a tough for me and Kevin...I'm so proud of these guys for being such troopers.

Kollin and Kooper actually having to crawl up this part because of the incline!

Me being adventurous...Nature is so cool with all the different tunnels and bridges made from trees and rocks. We saw this fallen rock and I just couldn't resist.

After 2 hours of hiking UP the canyon we finally made it to the waterfall. We were pretty proud of ourselves. The type of climbing and the number of times we had to crossing the water made it a huge accomplishment to have done this with all our little guys.

I think one of my favorite parts was the beautiful colors of the foliage that we saw. Its such an amazing sight to see so many different colors...I just couldn't take enough pictures! Kaylee had a ball collecting "Pink" leaves!

Kaylee running to the end...she was soooo happy to see FINALLY see the car!! A little over half the way down the kids were pretty tired so we bribed them with a little McDonald's Happy Meals. SUCCESS...we made it!!

This is such a great "after-math" picture...Koops socks were white at the beginning. Dirt, mud, twigs - we were filthy! It was so much fun though. Kevin and I are sooo proud of Kol, Kay and Koop for finishing this hike. We found out it was 3.5 miles to the falls and back and it was NOT easy!! Way to go guys!!!
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Stacey said...

Wow... What an adventerous family! It looks like it was a lot fun! You should have grabbed one of those "child backpacks" to carry Khloe along. But that would have been heavy to carry up those hills, huh? Fun weekend though!

Debra said...

Makes me tired, just looking at what you are doing. We use to do that in Utah with all you guys. It's cute to see you do it with your family now. A great place to get the energy out! I guess that's why God made mountains in Utah - for all the kids to run around.
Have fun.