Thursday, April 3, 2008

Kooper turns 2

Our little koop-dog turned 2 this week. His choice theme...Mickey Mouse. We started the day off with some mickey mouse pancakes and had everything from Mickey decorations to Mickey cake and presents. We even made hats that the kids wore all day. I couldnt believe that kooper didnt take his off! His of course said "I'm 2" on it so he got birthday wishes frome everyone all day. Lets just say that we are way Mickey Moused out!!! His main gift this year was a 4x4 driving truck. He is the most chillin' kid and was lovin this thing. Also, Kooper and Kaylee are 11 months apart so the month of april we have two 2 year olds. Crazy!!! Such fun times! Happy Birthday Koop.

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