Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Kaylee's 3rd Birthday

Yesterday my little Kay turned 3. I tell ya, it seems like the older they get - the more exhausting their birthdays become! Kaylee this year chose the funnest theme...Tinkerbelle. I loved the house all decorated in green and purple. Kevin just about died when he came home and saw the kids covered in temporary tatoos...even kooper:} Hey thats what happens when he hangs out with girlies all day.

She had gymnastics too, so her and koop helped make tinkerbelle cupcakes for her class. I iced them and they put the sprinkles and rings on top. It was priceless watching kaylee put the sprinkles on one at a time! I couldnt do anything to change her mind, and it truly took FOREVER...but she did such a beautiful job. Koop did great too. He was a little ruffer with the thing and messier with the sprinkles, but thats what two year old boys do:)

I think you can probably tell the difference in kaylee's cupcake and koops...he took tinkerbelle swimmin in that icing:}

I found some Tinkerbelle punch balloons. The kids had a blast!

Mommy and the Birthday girl...

While we waited for daddy to come home we hit the park.

I asked Kay what she wanted for dinner hoping for a tasty homemade meal...nope, she wanted Chick-fil-a. It was a perfect night to go though. It was family night there so the kids meals were free and there was a clown making whatever the kids wanted out of balloons.

Kaylee and Kollin having had so much fun playing with those blow-out thingies. Koop liked to unroll them and then get mad because it was broken:}

Here's the birthday girl on her new Princess Scooter.

We also got news that Kristin and Carlos had their baby girl yesterday. Claire Renee Gomez. 6 lbs 10 oz and 19 inches long. So Kaylee and baby girl Claire have the same birthday!

Congratulations Kristin and Carlos. And a very Happy Birthday to my Little Kay bug!!!

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