Wednesday, March 26, 2008

My husband...

This is something I have been wanting to do for a long time. Here is a little more info on my AMAZING hubby - kev...

What is his name?
Kevin Michael Ashcraft - amazing husband, father, son, Construction best friend!

How long have you been together?
We met at church way back in 1997, started dating January of 1999. Dated thru High School and decided to go our own ways for about a year. We got back together the Spring of 2001 and decided to get married that December. Got married December 1st 2001 in the Washington D.C. Temple. Whoa!! We are going on 10 years. Married for over 6 years, but we have been together for almost 10!!! Time sure does fly by.

Who eats more?
Definately him!!! Its easier for him to forget to eat during the day because he's so busy, but he definately has the capability of eating more. I live around my 4 kids schedules which involves eating something every few hours. He can eat more ice cream and desserts, but I can beat him any day on a piece of chocolate!! YUM!!

Who said I love you first?
Kevin did! I worked at Michael's Arts and Crafts all thru High School and on this one stormy night we had no customers so I was talking to him on the phone and he said he loved me. I of course said it back. Sooo romantic huh:) But its a day I'll never forget!

Who is taller?
I used to be, but kevin seems to have grown a tad bid taller in the past few years. Its alright though...I have grown to LOVE heals so it evens things out!

Who sings better?
Well when it comes to church songs and the radio, definately him! I cant catch a tune in Relief Society...thank goodness for babies - between koop hating nursery and khloe needing to be fed I keep pretty busy! Now, at kid songs...I blow him out of the water. Must be all the practice:) However, there are those occasional mornings where he seranades me with "Good Morning Beautiful" by Keith Urban. Ever since we got married(Ahhhh)!

Who is smarter?
Oh man, thats all him! He is just like his mom(love you Cindy) - SosoooSOOO smart! I remember watching Jeopardy once or twice with the two of them and couldnt even finish hearing the question before one of them had it answered:) I'll catch up though. Right now my day consists of a preschoolers vocab. You just wait until I'm helping them with homework...I'll catch up:) :) :)

Whose temper is worse?
Unfortunately thats mine! I do really well until about bath time and then its quittin time. Kevin does have his moments where he has worked a 14 hour day and comes home to me wanting a break. I think we make a really great team though. He knows when I'm about to break and does a great job at taking over!

Who does the laundry? question ME!! When I go out of town I always come home with clothes folded or layed out, but never put away. When we got home from my mom's this past Monday he tried to help put the kids clothes away and said he couldnt because he didnt know where everything went! Theres your answer:) Im totally okay with it though. I love the mommy thing and everything that comes with it!!!

Who pays the bills?
Kevin has defined it as him making the money and me spending it. We go over a budget together but he doesnt want anything to do with it after that. He has too much other stuff to worry about.

Who mows the lawn?
No lawn for us...yet. During the summer, while at my moms he would help her out a lot. He said it was his only time to work on his farmers tan he gets from being on the construction site! We are both pretty excited about having our own home to take care of.

Who cooks dinner?
I do only because I'm home and have more time. We do lots of grilling!!!! So all I have to do is prepare the food which I usually do during nap time. He loves to cook. And, is so creative. He throws spices on the food that I never would have thought of. YUMMMY!

Who is more stubborn?
Hmmm...thats probably a tie! There are certain things that kevin feels very strongly about that I dont think are a big deal, but I think we compromise pretty well.

Who asked whom out?
Either one really...We were best friends and did EVERYTHING together so things just kinda moved forward. His first "I love you" was the breaking point, after that it was all butterflies!!

Who kissed whom first?
Hello - that was him!! I was all about the sports and not so much about the kissin thing. He helped me out with that one though:) I'll never forget our first...on January 25th 1999 (his 16th birthday) outside my spanish class at Tallwood High School.

Who wears the pants in the family?
A lot of family think I do but its all Kevin!!!!

I love you Kev!!

Thanks Katrina for the great idea!
(by the way, you have to check out Katrina's website She has the most adorable headbands, bows and jewelry for little girls!! She even makes jewelry for us "older girls" :) If you look under "oh the places we go" on the left column of the blog you'll see "Little Miss Priss". Go there!!!)


Katrina said...

It was so fun reading about Kevin! You guys are so cute! Thanks for the great plug!!

Anonymous said...

That was fun to read. What a great idea! I'm going to have to do the same about my sweet Timmy. Britt