Friday, March 28, 2008

Like Father, Like Son

This is the best shot! It was taken of kooper on Easter Sunday. As he posed with his hands in his pockets it reminded me of a shot that was taken of Kevin when he was a little boy...actually pretty close to koopers age. I had Cindy find this picture so we could do a comparison. The kids have definately taken on more of Kev's features than mine, but there are no complaints because they as sooooo cute!!!


Anonymous said...

Holly cow!! They look like twins! When I saw the first picture I thought it was Kooper. It's not right? I thought Jax and Tim looked like twins, but those two are a spitten image of each other. That is just to cute. love it. The pose and everything is just so darn cute. Is there any pictures of you that look like your girls? I have always that little Kaylee looked a lot like you. Just curious now, cause Kevin has some pretty strange gens.hehe I'm so socked how much they look alike in those pictures. Britt

p.s I love Kevin's hair in that picture, how cute is that!!

Debra said...

Cute hair do Kevin!
That is a cute comparison.

kristin said...

How cute!!! Wow, that's uncanny how similar they look!

Anonymous said...

Hey on my last comment I noticed I wrote socked instead of shocked. I'm sure you knew what I was saying, but just wanted to clear that up. hehe!! Britt